Top 5 videos of the Week: YouTuesday 17th March

March 17, 2015

Ah, YouTuesday. This time coming at you with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Because it’s March 17th and for just one day only, we’re Sternberg O’Clarke. Enjoy.

BMXers + St. Patrick’s Day = Huh

Before you go on, we should state that we only endorse sensible drinking. This video seems impressive, but then it happens again and again. Maybe it’s just very easy to open a beer bottle using the back wheel of a bike? Regardless, it’s a cool idea.

St Patrick’s Day Nails

Maybe this is easy to do but as someone who rarely (okay, never) paints their nails, this was stupidly impressive! Wow. Far better than our Ben’s coffee art, anyway. The only downside is that unless you're Irish, they're relevant for only 24 hours. Ah well.

Dyeing the Chicago River Green

A timelapse of the annual St. Patrick’s Day event in Chicago, where they spend public money to turn the river green. Because why not?

Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer has also been turned green...

St. Patrick’s Day really has taken over the world as this point. Presumably there are some Irish Brazilians, but it’s still odd quite how many countries get involved. Still, a green Jesus is a sight to behold and it's a good excuse for the Irish Education Minister to enjoy a free holiday.

Edible Leprechanun Hats


These look easy, tasty and oh so cute. Really effective too so memorise and slightly alter the recipe when your best mate asks for some Top Hat-style cakes for their wedding.

Have a fantastic St. Patrick's Day 2015! 




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By Henry Fosdike