Top 5 Videos Of The Week: YouTuesday 10th March

March 10, 2015

Alas, Tuesday has returned but so have our top Youtube videos! Enjoy these 5 YouTube videos to add some charm to your day.  

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date (Ep. 5)

A love story…about hamsters? This is sure to be one Rom Com you don’t want to miss. Check out this two minute dinner date for two…hamsters. Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date  is one of the latest videos in a series of hamster inspired episodes. Set in a cardboard version of Venice, this Italian dinner date is quite a masterpiece!




GoPRo: Owl Dance-Off

What happens at home when you’re at work? Well, it could possibly be that two owls come out and dance on your lawn. After this woman leaves for work, two owls pop out from hiding. They seem to be showing off their dance moves as captured by the eyes of a Go Pro. Check out this 1 minute hip hop dance by the two owls.


My Story Snapchat Résumé

The modern day resume…on Snapchat? This guy seems to be experimenting with his Snapchat job application, offering his resume in the form of a Snapchat Story. His “Snapchat Resume” is quite an efficient way to update his resume – right from his iPhone. Check out Elski’s approach to applying for a job in this 3 minute Snapchat Story Resume. We hope you got the job, Elski!



9 Teachers Who Had The Last Laugh

We got a kick out of these teachers who taught their students a lesson. Sometimes pesky school kids can’t get away with their teenage mischief. Check out these 9 moments where the teacher came out on top!  


James Bay covers Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney's FourFiveSeconds

Now for a little musical entertainment, check out James Bay’s cover of Four Five Seconds (the popular single by Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney). James recently performed his cover live on BBC Radio 1.  Who’s version do you like better?





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By Henry Fosdike