Top 5 Tips for Entertaining Overseas Clients

July 25, 2012

There sure seems to be a lot of people coming to London this summer... can’t imagine why that would be. But with the influx of visitors to the nation’s capital, we’re going to have a lot of event guests from different countries here to see what London has to offer. But what does London have to offer? Well lots of things. But which ones should we use for corporate events with guests from different countries? Now there’s a question.

With all the language barriers and cultural differences that come with entertaining foreign event guests, it can be tough to judge what acts would be best suited to the job, but as London’s leading supplier of Entertainment for Corporate Events, we’re experienced in providing entertainment that everyone can enjoy. So for anyone who’s hoping to impress a group of guests who are just stopping by in this great city, here are our Top 5 Tips for Entertaining Overseas Guests.

 Celebrate Our History

Without a doubt, one London’s biggest draws is its wealth of historical venues to visit, and even better hold events in. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate London’s rich history through entertainment – which doesn’t necessarily mean arranging a lecture on the Norman Invasion (though for the right event, it’s always an option) but can instead focus on anything from celebrating Britain’s contribution to Music, to bringing in costumed historical characters or even recreating sports such as Jousting or Archery and giving them a modern twist. Take a look at this Medieval Themed Event at the Tower of London for more Ideas.

 Play on People’s Perceptions of ‘Britishness’

Buttoned down, bottled up, stiff lipped, repressed, dentally challenged, dog lovers, shop keepers, evil super villains in Hollywood Blockbusters... accurate or not, there are plenty of stereotypes about British People that everyone is at least somewhat familiar with and playing with or even outright confounding these expectations is a brilliant way to have fun with your audience. That could be with a surprise act like Breakdancing Waiters, or the acrobatic English Gents who have fun with the dour image of the typical... well, English Gent. Take a look at this blog on the Gents to see what they have to offer.

 Be Careful with ‘Wordy’ Acts

This one might go without saying but it’s worth remembering all the same. When you’re dealing with guests from the furthest corners of the globe, language barriers are always going to be an issue and even if, as is often the case, your guests speak excellent English; some of the (*eh hem*) subtleties of our sense of humour can become lost in translation. That’s not just things like Stand Up Comedians but also after dinner cabaret acts too. Take the Singing Waiters for example, while the concept itself can be enjoyed by anyone (they even sing in Italian), the ‘reveal’ part of the act involves a little ‘exposition’ on the part of the performers (“I Never wanted to be a waiter, you can take your job and stick it... etc) which could get lost in a room full of non-English speakers. Not a deal breaker by any means – but something to bear in mind.

 Incorporate Other Cultures

One of the great things about London is the smorgasbord of different nationalities and cultures that have gathered in the nation’s capital. One of the great things about booking corporate event entertainment for events in London is that that cultural smorgasbord has made some of the best musicians from around the world available for live performances at events. That means if you want to add an Oud and Percussion duo into Organic Jam, then Kerblam! You have yourself some contemporary background music with a Middle Eastern twist. Take a look at this event at the Museum of London which featured both Chinese musicians and a Middle Eastern Trio.

 ...But Try not to ‘Sell Coal to Newcastle’... So To Speak

There’s a saying round these parts (Britain) that equates a pointless action with ‘selling coal to Newcastle’ which dates back to a time when the region was annually exporting 15,000 tonnes of coal. The point is, they’ve got enough coal, they probably want to sell you coal. It’s unlikely they’ll be that interested in your coal. Supply and demand etc. Though coal mining isn’t as harsh and unforgiving as booking entertainment for corporate events, there’s a similar principle at work when it comes to entertaining overseas visitors. While it’s a great idea to incorporate some entertainment from a particular region into an event, remember that a group of Spanish Guests have probably seen their share of Flamenco dancing.

If you’re planning an event for overseas visitors this summer, get in touch for more brilliant entertainment ideas.