Top 5: Terrifying Entertainment Ideas to Enhance Your Halloween Party

October 07, 2015

The Halloween costume. We’ve all been there. Just what can we wear for Halloween? What works? There are many tips online for the perfect Halloween costume but we prefer to deal in ideas. Scary ideas. Ideas to creep out your friends when they least expect it. In short, here are five terrifying entertainment ideas to enhance your Halloween Party this year. If you dare...

Aerial Silk Mummy

 To start, let’s assume you have an unlimited budget for your Halloween party. That way, we can dream a little about all the possibilities! With that in mind, an aerial silk mummy would be your go to entertainment. Picture the scene... All of your guests have arrived and are admiring the impressive Halloween decorations on display in your venue (more on that below) and then bam! From the ceiling comes a mummy! We can’t think of a better Halloween idea than that.

Puppeteer Stilt Walker

 Of course, we can’t all afford an aerial silk mummy. Plus they may not be available on your desired date, which is presumably October 31st. But what if your Halloween party is a few days either side? What if your venue doesn’t allow aerial silk? Then we present The Puppeteer, a stunning costumed stilt walker who strolls about the Halloween party with an assistant on string. It’s certainly a Halloween idea your friends won’t be expecting!


 Now we’re talking! Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some incredible costumed characters. The Scarecrow isn’t just a steampunk Halloween character, but is actually a fully functional mime act, which can roam amongst your guests, putting forward a silent but terrifying slice of entertainment that you’ll never have seen before! Imaginative, bold and a unique idea for your Halloween party.

Bride in Black

 Scaling back your budget even further, there are a multitude of costumed characters available to Halloween fans. From The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington and these skeletonsto the Grim Reaper themselves, there is sure to be something to suit your choice. For this blog though, we’ve gone for the simple Bride in Black. A bride in mourning or a wedding from Hell? It’s hard to know exactly but this is a quietly effective and terrifying addition to your Halloween party.


 A Halloween party is nothing without its props so to bring this blog to a close, we thought we’d throw in one particular prop that ought to bring out that Halloween theme most effectively in your hallway. This is a ‘FeeJee’ Mermaid (or Merman), which purports to have the body of a fish and the head of a monkey. Historically, it caused quite a stir when first discovered but we can assure you now that they don’t actually exist except to terrify guests at your Halloween party. Or do they...?



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By Henry Fosdike