Top 5 Street Food Artists - Ice Cream, Candy Floss, Art!

September 29, 2015

There is an increasing desire in the events entertainment world for fun ways to deliver food. By this, we don’t simply mean skater girls cruising over with the canapés or an acrobat swinging above a dining hall and chucking the dessert onto guests, but we mean the food itself being created in an artistic and entertaining way, in front of our eyes. Innovation is alive on well from street food vendors around the world and here, we showcase some of our favourite entertainers. Hopefully they’ll hit the events entertainment world in London soon!

The Kings’ Dessert

Not only does the Kings’ Dessert appear to be the tastiest thing ever (seemingly a sort of Baklava?), but this vendor’s patter is perfect. Hilarious, charming and engaging, he has us in the palm of his hand as he creates 16,000 strings of honey. Yes, 16,000. Amazing.

Thai Ice Cream

Here, we have the Ice Angels, which is  a high tech form of ice cream entertainment for your party. Perfect for delivering science and fun to your corporate or private event, the Ice Angels utilise liquid nitrogen to create the perfect ice cream with irresistible flavours. On the streets of Thailand, it is summer fruits ice cream they create with a few berries and single cream right before your eyes. Incredible, artistic and (presumably) delicious.

Chinese Candy Floss

There are some extremely cool machines in the candy floss world, chief among them being the futuristic bowl used by Lick Me, I’m Delicious, which defies gravity (kinda). On the streets of China, they focus on delivering something you probably wouldn’t want to eat due to its sheer beauty. Watch and gasp as this candy floss street vendor creates a flower for a customer in just two minutes. Sweet!

The Fastest Hands in Russia

From what we can gather, it is a doner kebab being created in this video, a British nightclub staple. What merits its inclusion here is the entertaining way in which it is put together. Sure, it starts off relatively skilfully but nothing too impressive. But throw in the Mortal Kombat theme music and you know it’s going to ramp up a bit! Lo and behold it does, with eve a machete being spun around for no reason (not recommended). Amazing and unexpected, we’d love for all events food to be delivered with a techno beat and with this man’s speed!

Ice Cream in Instanbul

Another ice cream vendor, this time in Istanbul! Rather than focusing on the creation of the actual ice cream (which is still impressive), this vendor focuses on putting on a comedy showcase for his customer. Adding lashings of delicious flavourings throughout, it’s a wonder that the cone doesn’t drop at some point, but by the end you have to admit it would be a wonderful way for entertainment and catering to be delivered at events. 



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By Henry Fosdike