Top 5: Sternberg Clarke Acts at this year's Edinburgh Fringe

August 19, 2011


It's the time of year when, like moths to a flame, entertainers head to Edinburgh - although if they were really moths to a flame they would have stayed in London for some of that rioting we've been having. Plenty of Sternberg Clarke's top entertainment acts have answered the call of Edinburgh and brought their act to the festival.

Adam's recent blog on Event Magazine's website discussed how festivals can be a good thing for Corporate Entertainment - they give acts a chance to try out new things that they might not get away with at a corporate event. This means they can work on new routines, tricks, jokes or whatever it is they please without the pressure of a Sternberg Clarke team member staring over their shoulder.

So to celebrate the start of the Fringe Festival, we're drawing attention to some of our favourite acts that are playing in Edinburgh this month - if you're in Edinburgh and you're looking for a few tips, the following are sure to please.

Frisky and Mannish

Musical Cabaret Act Frisky and Mannish Putting an ‘end-of-the-pier’ slant on some of the biggest hits of the last few decades, Comedy Cabaret Duo Frisky and Mannish perform peel back layers of vacuous glitz and glam from your favourite pop tunes to reveal a hitherto undetected core of smut and filth. Frisky and Mannish will be Nudging and Winking their Way Through Edinburgh at e4’s Udderbelly (Clip in Film Library)

Le Gateau Chocolat

Operatic Cabaret Performer Le Gateau ChocolatWe’ve raved about Gateau constantly since we had our first taste of Chocolat at La Soiree on the Southbank all those months ago and we’re thrilled at the prospect of more people getting to see this cabaret powerhouse in what must be the perfect setting. Le Gateau will be performing from the 9th of August and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing a drastic upturn in interest for this one of a kind opera diva. And as we’re now the sole booking agent for Gateau’s corporate gigs, we’re looking forward to spending some more time with our new favourite act.

Mat Ricardo

Gentleman Juggler and Cabaret Artist Matt RicardoChristened ‘The Gentleman Juggler’ duo to his rakish appearance and all round chappishness, Mat is one of the few jugglers on the UK variety scene who could confidently put on his own show, but such is Matt’s talent and charm – he’s carved out a nice for himself as the UK’s premier “thrower up and catcher of multiple things”. Mixing comedy with good old-fashioned feats of super-human dexterity, Matt’s Edinburgh appearances are a must see for cabaret fans and having recently wowed fans as part of the rather wonderful “Horne Section” show, Matt’s sure to see an increase in interest following what’s sure to be a triumphant Fringe Festival performing his new show ‘3 Balls and a New Suit’.

Nina Conti

Comedy Puppet Show for Corporate Events Nina ContiNina’s quirky, occasionally profane take on the age-old tradition of ventriloquism is a million miles away from Gottles of Gilk, glasses of water and so on and so forth.  Nina has become something approaching a household name in the past few years thanks to TV and Radio performances and in no small part duo to her hand operated side-kicks Monk and Nana. Nina will be bringing her sharply observed, arm mounted wit to Edinburgh with her show ‘Talk the the Hand’ (… wait, I get it!)

Barry and Stuart 

Comedy Magic Duo Barry and StuartThe Scottish magic duo are bringing not one, but two shows to Edinburgh this year entitled Show and Tell coming together to form Show and Tell.  In Show and Tell: The Show the boys let their grisly imaginations run wild with a new hour of gruesome, deranged illusions. Where things get really interesting is in the optional second part Show and Tell: The Tell in which Barry and Stuart pull apart the Show section of their performance and allow the audience in on their methods. We’ve been to see previews of the show and can confirm that both parts make for utterly fascinating viewing.  

Bonus Pick! The Horne Section

Comedy Variety Show the Horne SectionExhuming the dusty, cobwebbed riddled corpse of the 'Variety Show' and giving it a jolt of dead-pan electricity, the Horne Section is utterly unmissable and has even featured a couple of the other picks from this very blog post. This week sees Le Gateau Chocolat getting involved in the utterly inspired mess that is Alex Horne's melding of stand up, jazz and cabaret which is bound to make for an unmissable evening, will Le Gateau get to join in on 'Battleships'? Will there be a banjo solo in Nothing Compares 2 U? There's literally only one way to find out... other than waiting for reviews.

Sarah and Jane are on their way to Edinburgh next week so we'll have reviews of some of the best Edinburgh shows up shortly.