Top 5: Sports Themed Entertainment for Corporate Events

July 19, 2012

It’s been a big summer for British Sport this year and it’s not even over yet, but sporting themed entertainment shouldn’t be confined to the summer of 2012; there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate British athleticism in all its forms. If you’re planning a corporate event with a sporting theme, take a look at our Top 5 Sports Themed Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events.

On your marks...

 Basketball Juggling Show

With recent claims from the US camp that their 2012 Olympic team could stand toe to toe with the 1992 “Dream Team”, there’s going to be a great deal of interest in Basketball at this year’s summer games. With that in mind, this year’s Next Big Thing finalist Andrew Wilding and his Basketball Juggling Show will no doubt be of interest to anyone caught up in the game. Spinning, juggling and balancing multiple balls in the air like a one man Harlem Globetrotters (or One Harlem Globe Trotter, if you’d prefer) Andrew was narrowly beaten at this year’s competition by Singer Harpist Iona, but he still may have the last laugh what with Iona not being able to spin a harp on her index finger. Yet.

 Captain Frodo

Poor Andy Murray, reduced to tears at this year’s Wimbledon despite a heroic effort against Roger Federer in the final. After years of branding him grumpy and taciturn, Murray put a lump in the nation’s throat thanks to a spirited fight and a spot of genuine emotion. Tennis themed contortionist and Star of La Soiree Captain Frodo induces a different kind of tears in his audience as he twists and jolts his scrawny body through two tennis rackets in an eye watering display of dislocated joints and wrenched limbs. Could Murray learn a few tricks from the Captain? Not unless he wants to make Federer collapse in a squirming fit of giggles.

 David Beckham Lookalike

After years spent tirelessly promoting London as a possible venue for the games across different continents, David Beckham must have felt like a shoe in for one of the over 23 places in the GB Football team. Sadly for David, Stuart Pearce had other ideas for his squad and Golden Balls has been cruelly left on the sidelines for the tournament. With nothing better to do this summer, Golden Balls has no choice but to wander the Corporate Events of London seeking sympathy in the arms of kindly Event Managers who can only console him with the fact that he is still remarkably handsome. In truth, DB still has a big role to play for GB and probably won’t be able to make your drinks reception – but our David Beckham Lookalike is probably the next best thing.

 Laser Archery

Archery was introduced to the games in 1900 but has been a fixture since the 1972 games. Satisfying a primal urge to send pointed things zipping through the air with nothing but the power of one’s own hands, Archery has an obvious pull for anyone who’s ever fancied themselves as Robin Hood and/or Hawkeye from the Avengers. He was cool. But trying to incorporate sport into a corporate event can be pretty tough, especially when that sport involves firing sharpened projectiles with any degree of accuracy – not an activity for a group of people who’ve had access to a free bar for a couple of hours. That’s why Laser Archery is such a godsend for people looking to bring some sport and interactivity into their event entertainment. Using state of the art laser bows and projection technology, this high tech twist on an age-old hunting method mixes the thrill of precision shooting with the sweet, warm embrace of meeting safety regulations. Can also be enjoyed with its sister sport Laser Clay Pigeon shooting. (I for one am tired of Laser Clay Pigeons depositing their holographic, kiln-blasted waste on my car and am keen to take revenge.)

 Hand Balancing Synchronised Swimming Show

If there’s a sport more difficult to bring to a corporate event than Archery, it’s probably one that involves swimming or diving thanks to most event venues being not full of water. Much as we’d like to suggest a team of oiled up, goggled and swim-capped aquabats dragging themselves along the floor of a venue in a vague approximation of the butterfly; carpet burn is an issue we take seriously, not to mention trip hazards. So when it comes to bringing aquatic events into corporate functions, it takes a bit of an imaginative approach; but combining the grace and poise of synchronised swimming with the relative dryness of acrobatic hand balancing – we think we’ve come up with a suitable tribute to those noble, nose-clipped, breath holders. Wearing full Team GB swimming costume, our Synchronised swimming hand balance act replicates the moves movements of this fascinating sport. (Chlorine smell optional.)

For more information on these or any of our other sporting themed acts for upcoming events, head over to our contact page and be sure to check out our 2012 section for more athletic ideas.