Top 5: Proposal Videos

February 13, 2015

Are you proposing tomorrow? Hoping to be proposed to? None of the above? Regardless, we've compiled a short collection of videos that should put a smile - or a laugh - on your face. For the most part hopelessly romantic and care free (we're looking at you, Mr. Pilot), the highs are all here in video form. And the lows? Well, we didn't want to make you nervous if tomorrow really is your big day.

You grab the popcorn and we'll hit the lights. Now let's have a gander.

Disneyland Proposal

Yes, there are loads of them but nothing beats this classic from way back in 2009. Remember those days? Twitter was just a baby and Instagram was just a thought. It also seems that HD video wasn't exactly everywhere, but that doesn't take away from the loveliness of this entire idea.

Letters Proposal

This one is quite clever. A couple dated for six years and held up a letter in various photos that documented their travels together, also acknowledging that they were well aware that they'd get married one day. Of course what she didn't know is that for the very final letter, her boyfriend had a small surprise up his sleeve.

Weather Forecasting Proposal

Here's a classic from Christmas Eve 2005. The weather girl is casually chatting her way through a forecast that predicts a rather rainy future for the residents of Seattle. Little did she know that her boyfriend was waiting in the wings, ready to profess his love live on TV.


Tube Carriage Proposal

Yes, the Overground isn't technically on the tube but let's not allow that to ruin the title. Adam King even went so far as to build a replica of a carriage to ensure that he and his choir were ready to belt out a flashmob-esque rendition of Bill Withers' Lovely Day on the 19:57 from Euston. Imagine if she'd been running late and missed it? That'd have been an interesting situation for all involved.

In Descent Proposal

Perhaps the pick of the bunch, here we have a pilot giving his girlfriend a tour of the skies. What a lovely idea. And then he pretends his flight controls aren't responding. How romanti-- Wait, what?! Never mind. All becomes clear eventually and oh, how she laughs. In fairness, it does turn out to be rather romantic - well, as romantic as a proposal can be after fearing your premature demise - but what a complex mixture of emotions she must have experienced during those five minutes!

And then...

Of course, once the proposal is out of the way, it's time to plan the wedding. As a bonus, here are the various messages of congratulations that Joe Michalczuk managed to receive for his blushing bride Jenny on their big day. You may well recognise a few of them...

So there we have it. These were our choices but what are yours? However you're planning to pop the question, all of us at Sternberg Clarke wish you the very best of luck.

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By Henry Fosdike