Top 5 Meet and Greet Acts

October 10, 2013

“You only get one chance to make a first impression” goes the old, seemingly obvious saying and while it’s applicable to pretty much anything on a personal level (job interviews, first dates, client meetings, court appearances etc) it’s also true of corporate events. It’s vital to give guests a good first impression when they enter your event as it sets the tone for everything that follows. 

And you’d never guess what we’d suggest as a great way to help your event make a good first impression... that’s right poser tables entertainment. The right performers, carefully deployed at the right time, can make all the difference when walking into an event – whether it’s setting the tone or getting people talking. So today, we’re looking at our Top 5 Meet and Greet Acts... read on for more.

 The Royal Footmen

Displaced from a time when men were men (with powdered wigs and painted faces) and women... well, it’s hard to tell what they thought of it – these 18th Century footmen excel at making guests feel like Royalty. Bowing, scraping, grovelling and generally fussing over every guest that comes their way, the act is great for setting a light-hearted tone at historical venues and works well in conjunction with other ‘Best of British’ themed acts.

 The Explorers

As it gets colder, these two frost-bitten front-of-housemen really come into their own, ushering guests into events in character as arctic explorers. Who better to guide guests along the treacherous path to your Winter Wonderland themed event? No one is better, that’s who. To be honest, you’ve made yourself look foolish for even asking.

 Historical Characters

If you’ve booked a venue with a rich and storied history – chances are you’re going to want to incorporate said rich and storied history into your event. But rather than sending out a list of required reading in advance, why not make history come to life? (That’s right, I said it.) Our costumed historical characters are perfect for giving a bit of back-story on a venue, or merely adding to the atmosphere of an event.


As anyone who’s met and gret a large number of people will tell you; meeting lots of people at eye level can get a little repetitive. One of the great things about stilt walkers is the stilts that they’re on – guests need to look up at them, and as everyone knows; people love looking upwards. Our stilt walkers come in all kinds of costumes, from giant birds to towering investment bankers (no, really) and they’re always a fun addition to the entrance of an event.

Close-Up Magic

It might be the obvious choice, but there’s a reason that magicians are such a mainstay of the events industry; they work. A close-up magician is brilliant for those potentially awkward moments at the start of the event, able to gather a crowd, get people talking and most importantly, make things disappear and then reappear behind your ear and you’re like “how did he do that?” and he won’t tell... 

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By Garreth Owen