Top 5 High-Tech Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

July 09, 2012


With TVs, phones, laptops, tablets and the like, it’s estimated that in the average living room, there are usually up to 7 devices with screens running at any time - now imagine the average corporate event. Entertainers often feel that they’re fighting with technology, whether that’s the music industry grappling with digital distribution or a unicyclist trying to get an audience member to look up from their emails. But rather than fight against the proliferation of gadgets and gizmos at modern events in the last couple of decades – perhaps it’s better to adapt to suit the modern event audience, with that in mind, we’re offering up our Top 5 Hi Tech Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events – read on for more.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Walk up to a wall and start drawing on it in most venues, and you’ll be quietly escorted out in the firm, but fair grip of a security guard – walk up to the Digital Wall and start doing it and you might just get a friendly slap on the back from your boss who spotted your picture of an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back and now totally thinks you guys should hang out. The digital wall is a stroke of event entertainment genius, used as either a hi-tech guest book, colouring-in exercise or doodle pad for the guests in attendance.

 QR Code Treasure Hunt

You might have spotted QR codes in magazines and posters offering, as they do, a quick and easy way to lead readers/viewers to further information on a product. A quick scan of a QR code using a Smart phone can open a web page, a video or even a map with directions. While this is often used for advertising purposes, the possibilities for use as event entertainment are endless thanks to the prevalence of the various ‘idevices’ floating around at an event. Send guests on a scavenger Hunt, chasing after QR Code based clues or use them as a way to answer quiz questions for a tech savvy twist on team building activities.

 Richard N – Multi Instrumentalist

For the average Bassist/Drummer, when your band leader rocks in to the practice room holding a loop pedal, your days are effectively numbered. Sure, there’s no replacement for real, live musicians in your band but for someone handy enough with a loop pedal, it’s tempting to go it alone. For someone like multi instrumentalist and singer Richard Navarro, it’s more that tempting. Richard layers vocals, piano, percussion and brass to create richly detailed cover versions of popular tunes as well as his own compositions. A thoroughly modern take on the one man band.

L.E.D. Glow Show

We’re frequently asked about flame jugglers, fire breather and all kinds of pyrotechnic displays at events, it’s understandable considering the visual impact of such shows. But many venues aren’t equipped to accommodate a troupe of leather clad pyromaniacs belching fireballs around works of art or antique furniture. It’s in these situations that we turn to modern tech for an alternative. Light Jugglers Feeding the Fish use state of the Art L.E.D. technology housed within juggling batons to create spellbinding light shows that can incorporate anything from patterns to company logos/// try doing that with fire. [DO NOT TRY DOING THAT WITH FIRE]

iPad/iPhone Magic

We can’t claim credit for the video above, much as we’d like to, but it’s the best illustration of iPad magic out there on the internet at the moment. Mixing nimble fingered sleight of hand with an equally deft bit of pre-programming and scripting, the video shows a recent performance by two Swedish magicians promoting Stockholm which has become a surprise YouTube hit... surprising because it doesn’t involve cats. Plenty of our brilliant close-up magicians are incorporating iPads, iPhones and Smart Phones into their acts, perfect for tech conferences and business events where it’s usually a struggle to get delegates to tear their eyes away from their phones anyway.

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