Top 5: Fire Entertainment Ideas

July 23, 2012

With ‘a certain torch’ making its way triumphantly through our nation’s capital, the word on everyone’s lips is “Burning!” Londoners just can’t seem to get enough of that sweet, sweet flame and event audiences are no different, practically beating down the doors of London’s leading supplier of Entertainment with one request “Fire Entertainment Please”

Never ones to ignore the public’s potentially hazardous entertainment obsessions, we thought that we’d offer up a few suggestions and so, after checking with the blog manager and ensuring that rigorous Health and Safety standards have been met, we can now proceed with our Top 5 Fire Entertainment Ideas...

 Flame Burlesque

Considering the amount of skin on show in your average Burlesque performance, throwing in flames might not seem like a good idea – but our Flame Burlesque show somehow manages to do just that. Risque, edgy and constantly surprising this Flammable Femme Fatale is anything but your typical choice for Event Entertainment and is the perfect way to both shock and captivate your guests.

 Fire Ballerina

Anyone who’s ever been to the Ballet and thought “Not Enough Fire” will be most pleased with this burning ballerina who performs a show that mixes the grace and discipline of ballet with the primal thrill of fire dancing to create a carefully choreographed, one of a kind performance. Perfect for events that mix the traditional with the unusual.

 Fire Sculptures

While not strictly ‘entertainers’ in the traditional sense, this is that rare item on this list that doesn’t follow the formula “Take [*BLANK*] and add fire”.  Our pyrotechnic artists use flames to create ‘Fire Sculptures’ at events ranging from Company Logos to mind blowing scenes featuring flaming robots and cityscapes set ablaze.

Fire Eaters

A street circus classic, no list of fire entertainment is complete without these asbestos esophagused gasoline guzzlers. Nothing conjures up a weird and wonderful carnival atmosphere quite like this iconic display of good old-fashioned spectacle and nothing makes guests appreciate your choice of ‘not-on-fire-‘ canapés quite like the sight of a man/woman forcing a flaming poker into their own throat.

Fire Tuba

Take the coolest instrument that has ever been created, the Tuba, then kick it up a notch by making it belch flames. Mixing the smooth, dulcet tones of the instrument that the Ancient Greeks called ‘The Velvet Bear’ [citation needed] with man’s greatest invention, Polish Conceptual Artist Christopher Werkowicz has created man’s second greatest invention. You may recognise the Fire Tuba from Christopher’s regular busking appearances... or your wildest dreams.

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