Top 5: Entertainment Alternatives to a Christmas DJ

November 26, 2015

Bjorn the animatronic Polar Bear

It’s now under a month until Christmas and although we’ve been spouting on about booking Christmas entertainment early, there’s always a few private parties and companies who only get around to booking their Christmas entertainment in December. As such, many of our DJs are booked up on the key dates you’ll be wanting them for (no harm in asking, mind you), but don’t let that get to you! Put down your mince pie, have a swig of mulled wine and take a look at these alternatives that just might be more perfect than a Christmas DJ.

A Polar Bear

 No, you haven’t drunk too much egg nog, you read that absolutely correctly. As the picture above shows, a polar bear really can turn up at your Christmas party to liven up proceedings. Our cuddly looking anthropomorphic polar bear is named Bjorn and arrives complete with an Inuit Eskimo companion. What could be more Christmassy than that? Okay, so he won’t provide anything to dance to but who needs that when you can laugh and take selfies all evening? Exactly. We guarantee your Instagram will have more likes than ever after a cheeky pic with our wonderful Christmas bear.

A Reindeer or Two

 But why would you go anthropomorphic when you can go for a real animal instead? We all saw the Lego reindeer in Covent Garden last year and it was impressive, even featuring Santa and a sleigh. You could even order some elves if you’d like, but we’ve decided to keep this listing simple by offering up a couple of reindeer for your Christmas extravaganza. They won’t arrive with presents and they’ll probably walk rather than fly (but you never know), but there’s something fab about feeding a carrot to a reindeer in the snow and this is probably the last chance to whisper your favourite gifts from the Christmas list so that Father Christmas doesn’t get it completely wrong. Note: for a red-nosed reindeer you may have to look elsewhere as they are extremely rare/fictional.

Living Christmas Trees

 What could be better than a Christmas Tree? You can sing Christmas carols around it, put presents beneath it and struggle to get rid of it once New Year rolls in. That last point wouldn’t be a problem with our incredible Living Christmas Trees however, the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas gathering. A festive treat nobody will be expecting, our trees stand by the entrance to your party venue and move as unsuspecting guests arrive. An impromptu trip to the bathroom, laughter and tears could all possibly occur, though in 99% of cases, it’s the laughter that wins out.

Christmas Party Band

 Just because a DJ isn’t free, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some music! What you go for depends entirely on you and what your guests might like. If you’re looking for a festive feeling, then Berry Jazz may be more your thing. Carols? Hark the Herald. Brass? Riverside. There are literally hundreds of options that all exist to cater to you. You don’t even have to book a band that melds perfectly with the Holiday season; various bands can play all the hits your DJ would have played and provide some originality and festive cheer on top. Perfect!


 …Or maybe without a DJ, you really are fixated on just using the iPod from Andy in Accounts. Since the rest of the office are scared of animals and possible living Christmas trees, in that case you are left with only one option, especially if everybody adores magic. Sure, you could go for a Christmas Magician without all the fancy silver makeup but when that dash of sparkle looks as good as the Chillusionist does, you’re really left with only one option. Just look at those brows!

Of course, none of this matters if you have your heart set on a DJ… So don’t delay, get in touch today!




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By Henry Fosdike