Top 5 Christmas Party Themes

September 12, 2013

One minute you’re talking Beach Party events and Summer Garden themes and then the next thing you know it’s September and people have started talking about Christmas parties and Winter Wonderland themed corporate events. With the festive season looming on the horizon, we thought now would be a good time to start tossing around some Christmas party ideas and what better way to do that than by introducing a few party themes that work brilliantly for Christmas Events. (If you come up with a better way, do tell.)

 Winter Wonderland

Aside from being the title of one of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time, Winter Wonder Lands also work pretty well as event themes as we move into the colder months. Rather than mourning the passing of summer, the chance to wear shorts and the endless cider adverts, a Winter Wonderland lets guests revel in all the things that are great about Winter. Things like Arctic explorers, Ice themed Stilt Walkers, Chillusionists and Snowglobe Dancers... y’know, the kinds of things you see all over the place in Winter. A Winter Wonderland theme is also great if you’re not keen on the religious connotations of a Christmas themed event or if you’re holding your Christmas party after Christmas is over, but still want it to feel suitably seasonal.

 James Bond Theme

There’s something about the world’s favourite super spy that makes 007 themed events a favourite come Christmas time; maybe it’s because the film that’s secretly the best one is set at Christmas? Maybe it’s because of the character that was called Christmas just so they could make a really terrible joke? Or maybe it’s because the theme offers guests a chance to put on a tuxedo (or woman’s version of a tuxedo), drink martinis, play casino games and generally pretend to be George Lazenby. Check out some of our James Bond themed event ideas on this Pinterest Board.

 Alice in Wonderland Theme

The surreal, magical world of Lewis Carol’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a perfect fit for adventurous events planners, offering a chance to cut loose with some truly innovative entertainment ideas. Carol’s vivid descriptions of his weird and wonderful characters offer a brilliant blueprint for costumes; White Rabbits, Cheshire Cats, Mad Hatters and more are all great opportunities for costuming performers and the playing card motif makes it easy to incorporate magicians and mind readers into the event in a fun, playful way.

 Great Gatsby Theme

It’s been a big year for flapper dancers and vintage jazz bands thanks to the big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. But in truth the champagne fuelled story of Jay Gastby has always held an allure for event planners offering them a chance to bring some old fashioned jazz-age glamour to events of all shapes and sizes. Check out some of our Great Gastby themed entertainment ideas here and see some of them in action for the film’s screening at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly. 

 Dickensian Christmas

Christmas literally wouldn’t be Christmas if it wasn’t for Dickens’ novella A Christmas Carol, rejuvenating as it did a number of English Christmas Traditions. The book spearheaded a revival of the holiday in Victorian England and popularised phrases as ubiquitous as ‘Marry Christmas’ and Humbug’. With costumed characters from the book like Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past Present and Future, Victorian Carollers and everything from Street Urchin Magicians to Pickpockets, a Christmas Carol theme is perfect for conjuring up the quintessential British Christmas.

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