Top 5: After Dinner Speakers on the Food Industry

October 29, 2015

Whatever you’re having a dinner for, it’s generally expected at a corporate party that there will be an after dinner speaker. But what do you want them to talk about? The most important thing to look for in booking a speaker is that you want them to be an entertaining after dinner speaker. You don’t want to hire a celebrity for your event only to have everybody nodding off as they churn through a few autobiographical pages that would make watching paint dry seem like a good idea. With that in mind, here are 5 stupidly entertaining after dinner speakers for your event. And since you’ll have just eaten a fabulous meal, they’ll be brilliant to listen to as they’re all linked to food!

Dan Germain

 Head of Creative at Innocent Smoothies. Do we even need to say any more? Hiring an Innocent Smoothies speaker is practically hitting the jackpot when it comes to after dinner speeches. We’ve all been taken in by their incredible branding and the fact no armchairs went into making their delicious concoction but 5 satsumas did. It’s entertaining, inviting and best of all, healthy. We’re certain that Dan Germain can speak not only about food but can also deliver speeches on marketing your product, if that’s your thing.

Rachel Khoo

 How do you learn to cook French cuisine? You could do what Rachel Khoo did and move to Paris before enrolling in world-famous cooker school Le Cordon Bleu. Or you could hire Rachel Khoo to speak at your event! Fluent in both French and English, she is an inspiring and superb role model for young people, running her own critically acclaimed restaurant in Paris and a superb symbol of what you can do if you put your mind to anything!

Arthur Potts-Dawson

 Wanting a food speaker? Then you can’t get much better than Arthur Potts-Dawson, a talented *deep breath* chef, restauranteur, cookery writer and social entrepreneur. Phew! He owns the People’s Supermarket, a not-for-profit venture and has even been called “the original green chef” by none other than Jamie Oliver! Arthur trained with the Roux brothers and has created two sustainable aware urban restaurants. A man who can speak on sustainability and deliver a wonderful recipe, he’s sure to entertain at your dinner party.

James Averdieck

 When you’re the founder of Gu puddings, you certainly have a reason to be cheery. James Averdieck is the talented individual who created the fastest growing food company in the UK and is more than willing to speak about his success at your event. Passing on the tips of the trade and achieving a very British dream of selling chocolate to the Belgians, James Averdieck is a warm and charismatic speaker who will go down a storm with your guests.

Fraser Doherty

 Only 26 but with a wealth of experience behind him, Fraser Doherty is a superb after dinner speaker who can tell you all about setting up SuperJam at just 14! Using his grandma’s recipes, he started selling his produce at farmer’s markets before moving on to delicatessens and huge supermarkets around the world! How do you produce jam from 100% fruit? Fraser has the answers and having spoken all over the world, his energy and passion are sure to be a hit with your attendees.

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By Henry Fosdike