Top 5 Aerial Alternatives

September 05, 2013

We frequently talk about ‘making the most of a space’ at corporate events; whether that’s using different rooms for different themes or taking advantage of unique architectural features of a venue, we always try to suggest performers that bring out the best of their surroundings and vice versa. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a vertical element to the entertainment – we often suggest Aerial Circus Performers to allow guide guests’ gazes upwards which really helps people appreciate a venue fully.

But for one reason or another, you can’t always have aerial acts at an event. Sometimes it’s because the rigging necessary for the performance isn’t permitted at the venue, other times it’s due to budget (though if the venue already has rigging point in place, aerial acts can be surprisingly inexpensive). In these situations, rather than keep all the entertainment ground based, we try to suggest acts that can work within the limitations of the event to create something just as stunning. So today we’re offering up our Top5 Aerial Alternatives for corporate events and private functions. Read on for more.

 The English Gents

The hilarious Stars of La Soiree have been touring the world performing their stiff-upper-lipped take on a hand balancing striptease to rapturous responses, mixing deadpan humour, Pythonesque slapstick and impossibly toned torsos into an act that’s truly one of a kind. Perfect for Best of British themed events and a brilliant surprise as an after dinner cabaret.

‘Oyama’ Chair Balancing Act

Who’d have guessed that the ostensible ‘straight man’ of the English Gents had secret life as a chair stacking Geisha? Well not us anyways, but that’s what Denis Lock does as a break from his show with Hamish McCann (who prefers to blow off steam with a Gene Kelly inspired pole-dance routine). Dressed in full Geisha costume and make-up, Denis ascends a teetering pile of chairs whilst, wouldn’t you know it, gradually removing his clothes to reveal an impossibly toned torso. I swear, if I wasn’t so incredibly hench myself, this job would give me a complex.


This innovative take on the familiar (or familiar to us) aerial hoop performance uses a free-standing, rotating hoop, side-stepping the need for any rigging and allowing the act to work pretty much anywhere.  Elegant, balletic choreography and eye-catching acrobatics make Luna a great choice either as an ambient act or a short stage show set to music.

The Black Eagles

Originally hailing from Tanzania, acrobatic troupe The Black Eagles honed their skills in the back streets of Dar-es-Salaam before touring all over South Africa. In recent years they’ve brought their astounding modern circus act to the UK where they’ve performed at Glastonbury Festival, Sidmouth International Festival, The Royal Albert Hall, The Queen's Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.


Contemporary dancer, acrobat and hand balancer AcroFelipe offers a clever alternative to aerial acts and their inherent rigging. During the course of his performance Felipe gradually builds a pair of poles, stacking them higher and higher and performing breathtaking feats of strength and balance as he goes. Felipe has recently worked with a number of our Recitalists to create bespoke shows in some of London’s most amazing venues.

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By Garreth Owen