Top 5: Aerial Acts

July 25, 2013

Only the most foolish planner of corporate events would place all of the entertainment at eye level – imagine, never once looking up at an event? Nonsense! Fortunately, there are plenty of options when you’re looking for entertainment that makes full use of a room or venue’s height, adding some much needed verticality to your event.

Today we’re taking a look at some of our favourite high flying acts; the men and women who make a living hanging upside down from the ceilings in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, the performers who give you a crick in your neck and a knot in your stomach – our Top 5 Aerial Acts.

 Aerial Silks

While our graceful, breathtaking aerial silk artistes provide spectacle in spades; the long, flowing silks by which the performers are suspended allow event planners to match the act to a colour scheme or theme. Aerial Silks have proved particularly popular when used as ambient acts to welcome guests into a venue but also work well as a 10 minute show.

 Rope Violin

Some people just aren’t content with being good at one thing. It’s not enough to be gifted musically for our Rope Violinist; she has to rub it in our faces by performing whilst moving up and down a rope. Much like the combined acts featured in our recent blog, Rope Violin is brilliant for offering an unexpected twist on two familiar entertainment concepts.


In Greek mythology, Helios was the personification of the sun, his handsome head crowned with the aureole of the sun. Thing is about aureole’s of the sun, they’re pretty hard to get hold of for your next event – not that it’s easy to get a giant illuminated orb with an aerialist dangling there from. What’s my point? Heliosphere.  

 Aerial Cage

Sadly not veteran thesp Nic Cage suspended by wires as he recreates scenes from his most beloved movies (“How’d it get burned!?") The Aerial Cage puts a further acrobatic twist on an already acrobatic concept. Using a metal cage suspended from the ceiling, the performer twists, turns and balances their way through a heart stopping display of strength and poise.


Anyone who’s rode through Clapham Common this summer might be forgiven for thinking that Slacklining had replaced ‘sitting down’ as the thing that people do when it’s warm in Clapham Common. But it just goes to show the popularity of this modern circus offshoot of tightrope walking in which the slackened rope allows performers to jump, bounce and perform all manner of amazing stunts while in the air.

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