Top 5 Acts for Events in a Recession

January 18, 2012


Times are tough, purse strings are tightening and coffers are most definitely closed. It seems you can't turn on the TV or read the news without being reminded of some piece of economic bad news. Even in the world of entertainment, we were shocked to find a video of this poor band forced to sell all of their instruments and were reduced to sharing a guitar between 5 members.

But Canadian Band Walk off the Earth's innovative video got us to thinking about entertainment in tough economic times. Without resorting to selling instruments Flight of the Conchords style, how can we use entertainment in the most cost effective way possible? By writing a list article of course; read on for our Top 5 Acts for Events in a Recession...

Richard Navarro

A few days ago, when this blog post was nothing but a twinkle in a Corporate Event Entertainment Booking Agency's collective eye; we auditioned 'Multi-Instrumentalist' Richard Navarro who popped into our newly revamped audition area to show just what he can do with a loop pedal, a piano, a voice, a trumpet, a fiddle and a few handy percussion instruments. Richard's ever shifting, soulful and frighteningly clever version of Aloe Black's "I Need a Dollar" proves that if you know your way around a couple of instruments and a pedal, you don't need to concern yourself with 'bandmates' and the irritations they bring. You also don't need to pay them.

String Fever

Along the same lines as Walk Off The Earth's video, the Brothers Broadbent have spent years developing their own take on the "Too cheap to buy every member their own instrument" concept. The members of this Genetically Modified String Ensemble crawl and clamber over each other as they manage to squeeze 3, sometimes 4 (sometimes even more) parts out of one electric cello. Admittedly, this isn't the full extent of String Fever's show and they do all have their own instruments - but it's still comforting to think that they can flog three of them for a little "walking around money"

Hand Balancing 

It's not all selling instruments or sacking band members. Sometimes the concept of austerity can be encapsulated in an act. Take, for instance - Hand Balancing. This breathtaking display of poise and strength is impressive on a physical level, but isn't the very concept of balancing one that we should all be thinking of in tough economic times? Balancing books, checking your bank balance. Balanced diet... ok maybe the last one was... The point is...

The Busking Beatles

When two of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century are forced to sing for their supper, times must be tough - but the sight of Sir-Thumbs-Aloft and The Egg-Man out on the street, guitars in tow, performing acoustic versions of Beatles classics, should be a humbling experience for anyone watching. Perhaps this could be a new line of 'Stars Down on Their Luck' Tribute acts? Windscreeen wash from an Elton John Look-alike, anyone? Maybe not...


Technically, this isn't a thing that you can book right now - more of an interesting fact. But two of our Top magicians are also rather talented musicians which sort of makes them "Musegicians" if you'll allow me to coin a term. Sternberg Clarke favourite Dan Farrant is a classically trained Double Bass player and has even appeared in the odd Jazz Trio here and there. Fellow magician Neb occasionally switches magic for music in his alter ego as a singer guitarist - he even featured in our showcase last year. If we can find another musegician we've almost got a band that we could call something like "The Magic Circle" or "The Sleight of Hands" or something tacky like that.


For more information on any of our acts, get in touch on our contact page.