Top 10 Off-The-Wall Entertainment Events Acts for 2016

January 12, 2016

We love an unusual act. Many think of corporate events as being stuffy, boring affairs but they don’t have to be! That’s where we come in. We don’t want you to be punished for attending an event out of hours! We want you to enjoy yourself, marvel at something you’ve never seen before and generally go, “Wow! I want that at my party!”So sit back and scroll through some of the more unusual, unique acts for 2016. They may be a bit of a novelty or speciality affair but they are sure to do one thing: entertain. And let’s be honest, that’s what we want from entertainment at events!


 Abnormalik is an exceptional mime act whose characters are based on the surreal and somewhat sinister illustrations of Edward Gorey. From a Sad Sepia Circus Clown to a Steampunk Count, there’s sure to be someone to take your fancy! The costumes will astound you and Abnormalik’s incredible walkabout style is sure to be hit. It’s unusual, it’s different and it’s certainly an off-the-wall piece of entertainment for 2016!

Eyecon Art

 Now when you first see that photo above, you might not think this is off-the-wall. It’s just a guy with a camera pointing it at somebody else. What’s so odd about that? Well… when you look closer, it becomes clear that photographer is a little too close to his subject. Why? Well that’s the point of Eyecon Art! Sit down, have your eye’s photo taken and then you get to take it home later in the form of a fabulous blown up photograph or digital version for sharing online. Consistently the most popular attraction at events, you’ll see your eye like you’ve never seen it before. And my! What a kaleidoscope of colour. And remember, images can be branded at a client’s request.

Stitch It

 What do you normally achieve in 15 minutes? For most people, it takes a few minutes to wait for the kettle to boil, a few more minutes to allow the teabag to do its thing and then a further minute or two adding the milk and stirring before five minutes of waiting for the damned thing to cool down. What can Stitch It do in that time? Err… How about providing you with an entire stitched portrait of yourself! A cool keepsake from an event and sure to cause queues, Stitch It is the latest thing and we predict big things for 2016. An unusual, stylish and speciality form of entertainment.

Fire Tuba

 He’s been a hit at every event he’s gone to and we’re more than certain that this will continue long into 2016. For those that have never seen Fire Tuba before, the clue is in the name. Take one tuba, set it on fire and blow. Not just a musical act but a comedic and visual one as well, this is as off-the-wall as entertainment gets. You might not want it inside the marquee at your wedding (fire safety alert!) but this is certainly a hot act for everywhere else!

Mirra Bella

 You marvelled at the Mirror Man last year and this year, we’re set to go one better for the Mirra Bella is here! And she has swords. Look at that photo. Look at it! Crazy. Incredible. Awesome. Mirra Bella comes with her own light source and is covered in thousands of mirrored tiles. She quite literally glows! Exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to unique and stylish original entertainment, corporate events will never be the same!

Le Gateau Chocolat

 Gateau! No list about off-the-wall entertainment would be complete with this singing diva. A hugely popular cabaret act who has sung for the Queen, Le Gateau Chocolat has also been a hit at Glastonbury and regularly performs as part of Le Soiree. With a booming, astounding baritone voice, Le Gateau Chocolat is an operatic marvel with a taste for outlandish costumes. A treat from us to you for 2016.  

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

 What do you get if you combine the outfits from Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with a love for 90s rave and dance music? You guessed it – Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners! Inspired by the celebratory nature of parades in New Orleans, this brilliant brass band keep the party moving in a way you might not expect. Who wants a boring brass band when you can have a brightly coloured troupe who blast out hits from the Happy Mondays and New Order? Exactly. An offbeat speciality group you’re sure to fall in love with. Unsure? Check out their cover of OMD's Electricity

Living Topiary

 A favourite from 2015, Living Topiary are the very essence of an unusual and unique entertainment act that get people talking and always leave guests with a smile on their faces. What may at first seem like human-shaped hedges are in fact hedge-shaped humans! Always available to offer hugs and an endless supply of laughter, Living Topiary are the only act on this list that appear to have stepped quite literally off the wall!

Vegetable Orchestra

 Many people don’t look at vegetables and think, “You could make a tune with that, “ and that’s why most people aren’t a member of the Vegetable Orchestra, who are able to get a tune out of anything from a parsnip to a red pepper. The most incredible thing about the Vegetable Orchestra is that veg doesn’t last for all that long so they’re constantly using new instruments to keep the tunes coming. Comedic, musical and definitely sure to get people talking, the Vegetable Orchestra are an impressive and unique act that have to be seen to be believed.

Mute Antz

 Sure, you could book humans for an event but when the Mute Antz are available, why would you? If your party has a sci-fi theme or if your private party might benefit from a band of red ants, then this is exactly the act you’ve been looking for. Able to play all the usual hits, these brilliant brass insects are perfect for an event where you’re looking for something to wow the crowd. As a bonus, some of the Mute Antz also able to walk on stilts whilst they play – how about that?!

If you’ve enjoyed this run through of fun, off-the-wall acts for 2016 then feel free to get in touch to find out more about any of these acts or take a look at various other unusual and unique forms of entertainment in our More section!



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By Henry Fosdike