First Dance Tips For Couples that Want to Avoid the Limelight

November 09, 2012

Though its often one of the most memorable moments in a wedding, the First Dance isn't something all couples look forward to. In fact, the thought of the first dance looming on the horizon can bring even the most confident bride or groom out in a cold sweat. Unless you’re a Jennifer Grey in the making (see Julia Boggio and her amazing first dance) the idea of shuffling around to Unchained Melody in front of your nearest and dearest might be so unsettling that not even our previous blog on First Dance Tips would calm your nerves. But it doesn’t need to be.

Of course, we’re as big fans of crazily inventive, outlandish first dances as anyone, but we also understand that many people would rather keep things a little more low-key. If you cringe at the thought of cutting a rug in public, we’ve put together a few alternative ways to take the pressure off you for your first dance – read on for more!

 With a Little Help From My (Professional) Friends

Many couples request a first dance song early and take dance lessons with that song in mind, working out a few moves for the day.  If you're a little unsteady on your feet, this is a great option.  It doesn’t need to be a full-on routine; it could just be a couple of steps that will make you feel a little bit more comfortable on the night.

You could even bring in a little help for your performance. One of our fantastic hula hoop dancers Pippa the Ripper, was asked to perform a short show as part of a first dance during which the wedding couple joined her on stage – it was a nice, tongue in cheek way to show the couple didn’t take the whole thing seriously and allowed them to deflect a little bit of attention when all eyes were on the dancefloor.

 Let’s Stay Together (Involve Everyone!)

Ceilidh bands have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as more and more Brides and Grooms try to steer away from the ‘normal’ function band.  But the real draw to having a ceilidh at your wedding is that you can invite everyone to be a part of your first dance in a glorious group-flailing of limbs. Even better, you don’t even have to think about what you’re ‘moves’ are going to be as ceilidh bands often perform with a ‘caller’ who instructs people as they go.  Guests get to be a part of your first dance, but not all eyes will be on you...  In fact they’ll probably be too busy watching their own feet.

 Time after Time (Or Time Before Time)

Who says that your first dance has to be after the wedding breakfast?  In the past, we have had a handful of clients who have booked a DJ to play between the courses of the wedding breakfast, and some couples have even moved their first dance earlier in the day. If  the first dance is beginning to loom over you, getting it out of the way a little earlier can allow you to relax and enjoy yourself (it also means you can have a drink without worrying that you’ll forget the intricate choreography you’ve spent the last 6 months learning)

 Look at Me (Or Look At That Guy)

The band vs. DJ debate is as old as time itself (One of the reasons Henry VIII got married so often was due to his disappointment with a succession of function bands and wedding DJs) One of the key things that a wedding band has over a DJ is the atmosphere of live music and part of that is the spectacle of a live band. If you’re generally shy or even just concerned about the amount of attention that a first dance brings, choosing a lively band with a really charismatic and entertaining lead singer could take the pressure off a little bit, and consequently guests will be watching both you and the performer on stage. 

I’ve had the Time of my Life

The most important point that I would say to a couple doing their first dance is, chose the song that you want.  In the last few years, I have worked with clients who have chosen first dances from ‘Raspberry Beret’ (Prince) to ‘A & E’ (Goldfrapp) and ‘Dynamite’ (Taio Cruz) Some of them have been more ‘traditional’ then others, but certain weddings are memorable because the Bride and Groom looked like they were having the best time.  They weren’t worried about what they looked like, or how they were dancing.  They looked in love. As they should.


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Top Image by Chris Orange

Video by Wedding Videographers Kissing Gate Films