Toga Party Entertainment Ideas

September 04, 2017

If you’re wanting to go with a historical theme, going as far back into the past is perhaps the best way to ensure that guests really feel as if they’ve escaped the modern world for a few hours. Rather than go with an ‘ancient Greek entertainment’ blog or ‘ancient Rome entertainment’, we thought we’d let the ultimate idea be up to you by writing about toga party entertainment ideas. Without further ado then, let’s begin!


 Well, obviously! Many people turn up with their own bedsheet but come on, you want this to be the best toga party of all time and a smidgen of authenticity is key. Not only can you provide togas (or loin cloths and other suitable rustic wear, see above) to each and every individual as they arrive, you can also provide them with a few ancient props to enhance the atmosphere. Laurels for the head, a bunch of grapes… You name it, it’s all possible. We once dressed a band to blend in, as you can see! Why not use The Event Hire Company to get help with some of the furniture? You’ll be recreating a masterpiece from the National Gallery in no time!

Living Statue

 If there’s one thing we all remember from school, it’s that the ancient world was absolutely obsessed with statues. Big ones, small ones, ludicrously huge ones—Statues really were the embodiment of the ancient world. Sculptors were just as revered as the finest painters and hundreds of years later, their works are paraded in museums such as the V & A and the Louvre. Enhance your party by hiring living statues; they don’t have to move but they’ll certainly add to the toga part vibe!

In The Style Of…

 When you’re looking for a caricaturist that is a bit different to the norm, you might like to seek out In The Style Of…, a form of caricature where the artist mimics somebody famous. Over the years, we’ve sent ‘Picasso’ and ‘Quentin Blake’ to various parties and if you want to highlight the artistic side of Rome or Greece, it makes sense to ensure that everybody can have their portrait drawn. Having their likeness sculpted into clay is another idea but that takes a lot longer and will probably make people think of Lionel Richie.


 “Hark! What is that sound that we can hear?” Why, it’s the harp of course, one of the most elegant instruments of all time. Invented sometime around 3500BC, they didn’t actually make it across to Europe until sometime around the 8th century, but why let that get in the way of some fine musical entertainment? If you’re looking to book music for a party, there’s nothing better than a harp to get people in the mood for your historical event.

Olympic Games

 Okay, so you probably can’t hold the actual Olympic Games in the ground of your venue, but you can certainly modify the ancient Olympics for your needs. By booking a few fun-filled garden games – croquet competition anyone? – you can ensure there’ll be laughs aplenty, especially once the drink starts flowing!  If you so desire, there can be rewards for the winners including (chocolate) gold coins and yes, more grapes. Marvellous.

For more information on any of these ideas or if you have thoughts of your own for toga party entertainment, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.

Title Photo by EVREN AYDIN on Unsplash



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By Henry Fosdike