Throwback Thursday - The Phantom of the Opera @ Natural History Museum, 2015

February 08, 2018

In this week's Throwback Thursday, we cast our eye back to 2015 (was that really 3 years ago?) and an absolutely stunning evening at the Natural History Museum. We love this venue because it always delivers exceptional events and this particular evening was no exception. We provided two West End performers to deliver a couple of songs from The Phantom of the Opera and quite simply, we feel Andrew Lloyd Webber should probably look in the direction of Hope the Whale for his next musical. It really was an astonishing place to witness such a spectacle. Enjoy.


Events are wonderful things. Walking into a venue you've been into hundreds of times to discover that it's been decorated in a way you've never seen before is quite something. Alternatively, witnessing an act perform in different surroundings than usual is even more interesting and yes, dare we say it exciting?

That was certainly the case at the Natural History Museum on Sunday.

A Chinese insurance firm had booked out Hintze Hall for their London Elite Conference 2015 and what could be more British than the Royal Footmen greeting guests on arrival?

 The impressive entance room was transformed into a dining space, with various attendees vocally expressing their amazement.

 costume competition led to prizes being given to the winners, before six graceful ballet dancers took to the stage to perform an extract from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

 Before long - after a superb String Fever performance (sadly not photographed, whoops!) - it was time for the night's centrepiece event; two stars of the West End reprising their roles as Christine and the Phantom respectively from yes, rather obviously (based on those character names and the title of this blog), The Phantom of the Opera.

 Seeing members from the cast performing this world-famous musical in such an extraordinary venue was a sight to behold and something that attendees will never forget. If you want to create something equally as compelling, then why not get in touch? 



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By Henry Fosdike