Throwback Thursday - Harry Potter Entertainment @ Lincoln's Inn, 2015

July 26, 2018

Who else loves Harry Potter? Way back in 2015 we were delighted to book entertainment for a Harry Potter themed party at Lincoln's Inn. From magic to music and more, there was a whole lot of Hogwarts-themed enjoyment to spread around. Enjoy our look back at this cracking event on Throwback Thursday. 

Now this is a party we can get behind! No sooner had we gotten our tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child than we were putting together this wonderful event for a corporate client at Lincoln’s Inn. They looked into their Mirror of Erised and decided that yes, a bespoke Harry Potter party was what they were after. Did they read our recent blog? Who knows, but what a fantastic evening it was!

In order to put this corporate event together, we took into possession the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone if you want to be American) and pondered how best to enhance Lincoln’s Inn into a Chamber of Secrets. No Prisoner of Azkaban would be invited and wine and champagne would be a substitute for the Goblet of Fire. Rather than the Order of the Phoenix taking control, it would be us, Sternberg Clarke to ensure everything runs smoothly from the magic to the photobooth. The Half-Blood Prince was in attendance (see the photos below) but the Deathly Hallows were not. Phew!

 When it comes to Harry Potter party ideas, we quickly decided that utilising Bespoke Productions in order to illuminate this gorgeous venue was definitely the way forward. Guests would then be played into the Lincoln’s Inn by some spooky hooded figures (dementors?) In truth, it was Stellini doing background music and set the tone beautifully!

  Walking into the main hall, guests passed staff dressed as Hogwarts students and were able to talk and chat amongst themselves as themed and costumed characters slalomed amongst them. The Room of Requirement was certainly not needed as our top makeup artist Faith had transformed some of our best strolling acts into You Know Who, Snape and Professor Trelawney respectively.

  Our contact juggler Jago wowed the guests with his contact juggling skills, presumably also terrifying them in the process in his Lord Voldemort makeup. Who wouldn’t be scared of He Who Must Not Be Named performing for them? Top magician Nigel Mead made for a brilliant Snape and Amelia was on top form, predicting way more things correctly than Professor Trelawney. Some have the gift of divination and some do not!

    Stellini returned to perform a stage show as the event continued and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as a couple of employees from our corporate client climbed up on stage in full Harry Potter (complete with magic wand) and Dumbledore costumes. Clearly they’d followed the Marauder’s Map to the prop cupboard!

      The thing about such a brilliant Harry Potter party is that guests inevitably want a souvenir of their time in our version of Hogwarts. With this in mind, we’d laid on a completely bespoke photo booth for the occasion, complete with a professional photographer to direct the occasion!

 All in all, it was a magical and unforgettable evening that JK Rowling would have been happy to attend and all we had to do was call on the Knight Bus to get home. Perfect.





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By Henry Fosdike