Thinking outside the lobby: Christmas Entertainment in Hotels

December 10, 2010

Hotels are a big part of what we do; in fact we got started out by providing resident entertainment in hotels such as the Ritz and the Savoy. As the years have gone by, I like to think that we've maintained a good relationship with the various Food & Beverage and Meetings & Events folks in some of the best hotels London has to offer.

Having said that, traditionally hotel residencies aren’t where we do our most creative events. Pianists, singer pianists, harpists, the odd guitarist here and there, it’s all good work but it’s not exactly taxing on an entertainment agency like us. I’m certainly not accusing hotels of playing it safe; the reason we book pianists for hotels is because it works - no one wants to walk into the lobby of a hotel after a day of Christmas shopping only to be greeted by a contortionist writhing on the concierge desk, accompanied by a beat-boxing bagpiper. A talented pianist can instantly create a warm, relaxed atmosphere in keeping with the image that most hotels want to present of themselves.

I have, however, noticed a trend this Christmas that indicates that the current crop of F&B/C&B coordinators are starting to think outside the box when it comes to entertainment, branching out from what’s expected in a hotel and booking some really interesting acts through us.

One such act is Georgia and the Fables who are playing at the Intercontinental Hotel this Christmas; they’re a folk infused covers band who specialize in smaller, intimate venues. Click the link to hear them in action:

We’re sure that Georgia and the Fables will prove hugely popular this Christmas over at the hotel and who knows; maybe other hotels will follow the InterContinental’s lead? There's nothing stopping a hotel mixing things up and booking a Gypsy Swing Band or a Flamenco Guitarist once in a while to keep guests on their toes and completely transform the mood of the venue.

We know that not every hotel has the budget to book a covers band on a regular basis - even if they wanted to - but we have a wide variety of options for background music for hotels and we can work with staff to make the music fit a theme or mood.  We want to encourage people to talk to us about what they’d like to see in the lobby or the bar of their hotel and help them create a really unique atmosphere. Hopefully it’s something we’ll see more of in the future.