The Year In Entertainment: A Guide to the Key Dates for Entertainment Themes

January 10, 2013

With 2013 unfurled before us like a 12 month long, thick-piled carpet of possibility, it seems like a good time to look forward as well as back at the entertainment options available over the course of the year. With so many key dates on the horizon, there are plenty of opportunities to employ themes and motifs into corporate event entertainment.

To make sure you’re prepped for the year ahead in entertainment themes, we’ve picked out a few key dates for entertainment and pointed to some relevant blog posts to give some more ideas. Read on for more.

 Burns Night

As a celebration of the life and works of world famous Scottish Poet Robert Burns, the Burns Supper is the perfect chance to show off some traditional Scottish Entertainment, from Bagpipers and Scottish Dancers to interactive elements like Whiskey Tasting. Our Top 5 Scottish Entertainment Ideas Blog is a great introduction to some of the acts that can make ‘Burns Nicht’ special.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a tricky thing to do well at a corporate event and something that many companies choose to sidestep. But Adam’s brilliant blog over on Event Magazine offers up a few ideas for event planners looking to incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day into any event without making anything too awkward.

 St Patrick’s Day

Irish or not, everyone seems to enjoy St Patrick’s Day more, and with good reason – if you buy three pints of a certain high profile stout they’ll just give you a hat. But there’s more to St Patrick’s Day than novelty headwear and alcohol consumption; there’s entertainment too. We’ve had some great auditions recently that would work brilliantly with an Irish theme, from the Uilleann Pipes to a full blown Ceilidh Band.

Photograph by Chris Orange April Fool’s Day

As suppliers of entertainment for corporate events, it’s not really good business to be tricking clients – even on April Fools. Generally, we leave the tricks to the magicians but our recent Magic Month gave us a chance to work some magic of our own, putting on a magic showcase, discussing the history of magic and event showing off a few tricks you can try at home (or work.) Plenty of material for April Fools events.  

 St George’s Day

Though the question of whether it’s ok to celebrate St George’s Day appears every time it comes around, there’s still a wealth of traditional English entertainment to pick from when you’re looking to make a quintessentially English Event. This blog lists a few great ideas that focus on Englishness and there are a few more in the post about regional dances from the UK and Ireland.


Halloween is always a favourite with events planners all over the country, giving people a chance to unleash their scary side with some seriously spooky party ideas. Our Top 5 Halloween Entertainment Ideas blog opens a creaky door on a dark, dank cellar full of creepy entertainment options that are sure to make any guest’s skin crawl.

 Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night

The obvious choice for entertainment on the 5th of November is of course Fireworks, but there’s more to Bonfire Night than things that go whiiizzzzzzzzzz-POOOOFFP! For a start, there are plenty of venues for which fireworks simply aren’t an option due to health and safety concerns – thankfully, wedding coordinator Alice has offered up a few alternatives to Fireworks in this wedding blog. There are also a few ideas for acts that incorporate fire in this Top 5 blog.

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By Garreth Owen