The Wedding Band Canít Perform, Now What?

June 16, 2015

It’s the nightmare we’ve all dreaded. The band that you have your heart set on can no longer perform at your wedding. They were perfect in every way but alas, are already booked/ill/otherwise engaged.

So what can you do now? They were all you ever wanted! Well, here are a few tips.

Don’t Panic

It may be cliché to say it but let’s calm down a moment. Let’s think this through rationally. Nobody is dying here. It’s just that the music won’t be provided by your first choice band. But nobody except you knows that. ‘Don’t Panic’ is the number one rule in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for a reason. Because panicking causes rash decisions and you definitely don’t want to do that. So breathe. In, out. That’s it. Now you’re getting it. Let’s think about what we can do to ensure that your wedding is just as perfect as you imagined.

Listen To The Band Again

“What? Listen to the band again? Are you insane? Do you want me to feel my heart break for the second time today?” Woah there! See step one again. Don’t Panic. Although you don’t realise it right now, this is shrewd advice. Listen to the band perform again with an analytical ear. Watch the videos. What is it about this band in particular that you liked? A three-piece? Acoustic? Their style? See if you can pinpoint exactly what it was that made you fall in love with their music in the first place.

Pass On The Info

We know entertainment. It says it right there on our homepage. We have over twenty years experience in booking entertainment acts so the sooner you contact us with what exactly it was you liked about your band of choice the better. We book music all the time. As such, we know the people who will be perfect for your event. It’s true, some of our most popular acts are hugely popular for a reason and may not be available, but there are many bands who are just as good, ready to perform, aren’t quite as well known and may even save you a bit of a cash along the way. How's that for a good deal?

But You Want The Best

Woah there! Once again, check out what our homepage says. We know entertainment. We only work with the best and we wouldn’t book you a band you won’t be happy with. Just because some bands are more expensive than others, doesn’t mean they are necessarily better musicians. They may be just starting out (and soon to be huge – we worked with Jamie Raven for years when nobody knew him and look at him now), they may be seasoned musicians who are starting a new band or they may have recently lowered their fee for a multitude of reasons. Either way, be assured that you are getting an incredible deal on your wedding entertainment.


In the days preceding your event or wedding (congratulations, by the way), you may be fretting that this band still aren’t totally perfect but come on now, it’s time to think about something else. We’ve got this all under control. Sure enough, the day arrives and the band go down a storm. And that extra £200 can go behind the bar for all to enjoy. What a day, eh? All’s well that ends well.

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By Henry Fosdike