The Walkabout Acts you just HAVE to know about

May 18, 2017

Discoball Heads

We’ve been adding a whole load of fabulous acts to the website in recent weeks and some of them are wonderfully entertaining. In this blog we’ll take you through the new acts that are sure to catch your eye at an event, not least because they’ll be strolling through the guests and won’t necessarily be wearing similar attire to you!

Disco Heads

See what we mean? The Disco Heads are sure to stand out in your venue! Not only are they sharply dressed in suits – and even a top hat – but they also provide a walking disco ball courtesy of their enlarged heads. If you’ve ever thought that the disco ball could be improved by being at head height, or maybe you just want a great Instagram opportunity, then the Disco Heads are the perfect choice of entertainment!

The Flowerpots

 “What happens if you swap the discoball heads for flowerpots?” We are so glad you asked! As the picture shows, this is what happens! The Flowerpots are a slice of zany brilliant that will fit right in at an art-inspired party and can even come with a baby flowerpot to enhance the look. Hugely popular at festivals and as an interactive comic strolling installation, you won’t forget meeting the Flowerpots in a hurry!

Beatrix Potter Entertainment

 Family entertainment doesn’t get much better than costumed characters that the children will recognise from books. Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s much loved creations, we have both Mr & Mrs Nutkins and The Puddleducks to introduce you to! Always happy to pose for photos and absolutely charming for children and adults of all ages, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with these happy animals from the British countryside! Just lovely.

Bjorn the Polar Bear

 An old favourite that's already being booked up quickly for Christmas parties at the end of 2017, Bjorn the Polar Bear is a strolling act unlike any other. Coming with an Inuit handler, guests can pet Bjorn as he meanders through your venue, providing an extremely lifelike interaction with a polar bear. Not merely for entertainment, the handler is able to provide fascinating Arctic facts for the whole family. 

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By Henry Fosdike