The Virtues of Virtual Entertainment

June 26, 2020

In these weird times, all industries have had to adapt to online communication. While Zoom/google hangouts/microsoft teams etc. have  defined working from home in isolation, staring directly at multiple colleagues’ faces (not to mention your own!) without being able to daydream for even a minute can take a lot of getting used to and can be, well a bit dry.
Video conferencing platforms often have options that enable you to change backgrounds to spice things up (a feature that this director who accidentally turned her face into a potato only knows too well) we wanted to offer a more entertaining solution, as that's what we do best! So we came up with a brochure featuring a great selection of options to 'spice up your zoom meetings' without the need for rogue children or a pay as you go goat.
The brochure can be viewed by clicking here. Do get in touch if you would like more information about any of these performances. We also have an unbranded version available on request.

Of course this new virtual way of working takes some getting used to so we have put together 5 virtual entertainment tips may come in handy to ensure you get the most out of your virtual entertainment. Something that we will make sure our entertainers will apply to each booking:
  1. Keep it engaging - interactivity is the key. People are more likely to stay focussed if they're involved in the action. 
  2. Keep it snappy - ideally each act should be about 5-6 mins. If necessary have a variety rather than something lengthy that may cause people to switch off. 
  3. Keep it different - if everyone is using online magicians do something else. Pretty much any act in the real world will work online with a bit of thought.
  4. Make it bespoke - many of our acts will tailor their performance to make it relevant to the audience/company which keeps it more interesting to everyone. 
  5. Make it Real - do something which brings the act into the real world So for example the bake off star could send cupcakes to the participants after the zoom or the silhoeutte artist could send the silhouettes out post zoom meeting.
We hope you're staying safe and well and if you'd like to chat through any of the ideas in the brochure, do get in touch.