The Unusual Suspects: Could Drag or Burlesque Work At A Wedding?

August 27, 2011

The word 'appropriate' is one that comes up a lot when talking about events. But when you're talking about weddings in particular, the idea of appropriateness is on everyone's mind. Most of the time, people are going for things that are 'classic' or 'timeless' or 'tasteful' because that's what weddings traditionally are and for most wedding's I would completely agree. There is a reason why a string quartet or a harpist is very popular at weddings – because they are romantic, gentle and…appropriate.

But what if you don't want your wedding to be 'classic' or 'timeless' or any of the other buzz words that get bandied around in the wedding industry. What if 'classic' and 'stunning' and traditional' just isn't you? At first glance, wedding entertainment might seem like an endless procession of harps and strings  but when you're looking for something that is unusual, surprising and exciting at a wedding; the options really are endless.

Le Gateau Chocolat slips into something a little more "Giant and Orange"

For example, take our act of the moment; Le Gateau Chocolate.  Le Gateau gloriously combines lycra, vibrant colours, fake eyelashes, lots and lots of laughter through a medium that is rarely seen at weddings drag. It may seem a little too outrageous for a wedding crowd but at it's core, La Gateau Chocolate's act is an old fashioned cabaret show in the purest form...  And who doesn’t love cabaret?  

Gateau's warmth, fantastic stage presence and powerful baritone voice means that everyone who hears, meets and has the pleasure of watching Gateau is instantly mesmerised, a fact that's been confirmaed through a string of five star reviews at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

Essentially, a wedding is celebration of love, with old friends, mad family members, inbetweeners and little ‘uns, so why not have something that will entertain them all and they will all remember on different levels?  Despite his reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to taste and appropriateness, Le Gateau Chocolate is able to perform a completely "PG" stage show and is so breathtakingly refreshing that he leaves his audiences not only wanting more but also feeling like they've made a new friend.

On the opposite end of the scale, at a non-child friendly wedding and this could be where your more wicked side could come through.

Burlesque Performer Roxy Velvet

In the original spirit of Burlesque, beautifully choreographed routines take in everything from the ethereal, the breath-taking and the beautiful to the macabre and the comic.  Our beautiful starlet, Roxy Velvet is a true blue burlesque darling and her shows, such as ‘Bombshell’ which is inspired by the 1950’s pin up girls through to ‘Love for Sale’ which is a typical Parisian strip tease, really proves what a versatile talent she is.

From bird cages to fan dances, a burlesque dancer uses props, intricate and detailed costumes and to create a glamorous, sensual and professional act.