The Unusual Made Easy: Wandering Hands and Neb at Lime Venue Portfolio's Showcase

March 27, 2012



When you make it your business to supply entertainment for corporate events, you quickly become acquainted with 'the unusual'. Whether that's a shirtless man having a bed of nails hammered into his chest, a guitar with 11 strings or a man in a lycra leotard singing Sinead O'Connor Covers in an Operatic Baritone. With nearly two decades experience in seeking out the weird and wonderful for the events industry, Sternberg Clarke were thrilled to team up with London's leading Venue finding service,  Lime Venue Portfolio for their 'Unusual Made Easy' showcase at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.
The Old Royal Naval College Greenwich in full swing for the 'Unusual Made Easy'
The event gave guests a chance to meet representatives from some of London's most desirable event venues such as Stationers’ Hall, Epsom Downs Racecourse, The Kia Oval and Dartmouth House as well as suppliers including Keith Prowse, MCL-AV and Bash Bars.

Wandering Hands, Wandering
Entertaining guests in the stunning historic venue were a couple of Sternberg Clarke's top performers with a few 'Unusual Credentials' of their own. Welcoming guests into the party were our ubiquitous strolling covers trio Wandering Hands, whose portable twist on the traditional function band gave guests no end of pleasure as they flitted between groups of post-Confex event-goers performing hits from the last 5 decades.
Neb's 'mind magic face'.
Also on hand was magician Neb who performed his usual mix of close-up magic and mentalism as he, too drifted around the venue. 'But what' you are thinking 'is so unusual about a magician at a corporate event?' Well nothing, we'd answer - in fact magicians are extremely popular at events, Neb in particular is a big hit thanks to being very good at being a magician and having A Nice Scottish Accent.
Neb teams up with Wandering Hands for a couple of Tunes
Neb did, however add a little twist of his own to the evening by dropping his deck of cards, picking up a guitar (as if from nowhere... sort of) and joining Wandering Hands for a few songs - not too much of a stretch for Neb as he also regularly performs as a singer guitarist though sadly he's resistant to the idea of an entirely 'magic' based set of songs for events (Could It Be Magic, It's a Kind of Magic, Magic Dance etc.)

For more information on Wandering Hands, Neb or any of our acts (unusual or not) get in touch in the contact section.