The Swinging 50s: Swing Dance Lessons and Cafe Jazz at Kensington Palace

September 26, 2011



There are plenty of ways to mark your half century with style but for music lovers approaching "The Big Five-Oh", our recent event at Kensington Palace might be the perfect fit. For a private client's 50th Birthday Party in the Orangery at Kensington Palace, we provided a dazzling array of wonderfully varied music acts that crossed the spectrum from Jazz to Pop with dancing thrown in for good measure.  

The New Hot Cross Club dropped the word 'Bun' from their name after they began taking gigs on days other than Good Friday

The New Hot Cross Club opened up proceedings with an efortlessly classy set French Swing and Cafe Jazz in the beautiful outside terrace area as guests made the most of the warm-ish September weather before it was gone for good. Recreating the sounds of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli in the ‘Hot Club’ style from the late 1930’s onwards, the New Hot Cross Club got the evening off to a great start, providing the perfect backing for guests settling into the event. Take a Listen to the Band Here

An intimate Acoustic Set from Bellissima in the Orangery

Next up were Bellissima, first performing a stripped down duo set of popular covers in their own inimitable style while guests tucked into a sumptuous range of canapes from event organizers and master caterers Blue Strawberry. The Guitar/Vocal Duo's intimate set proved to be a crafty way to pace the evening, offering guests a chance to catch their collective breath before the band launched into their full 5-Piece set.

Guests were advised to watch out for falling Swing Dancers

And it's a good job they got a chance to catch said breath, because unbeknownst to those in attendance, they were about to take part in a mass Swing Dance Lesson from a team of our Expert Dance Instructors. Guests jumped, jived and generally waggled their limbs around to the sounds of Bellissima's extra long set of tunes tailor made for their new found arsenal of swinging moves. With Production and Lighting from event experts Fisher Productions, guests were left wishing that the birthday girl could turn 50 every weekend.

Bellissima's Keyboard Player displaying an almost lovelorn expression. Sigh.

A group activity such as a dance lesson is a really great way to bring people together at an event. Whether  you're dealing with a group of party goers who are old friends or  corporate guests who need to break the ice - introducing an interactive element that everyone can enjoy immediately livens the atmosphere and makes everyone feel involved. 

We've got more pictures from the event below, take a look...

 Blue Strawberry's Desserts at Kensington Palace, at least they look like desserts. I didn't try them.

 Guests eagerly throw themselves into the mass Dance Lesson.

More Food From Blue Strawberry at Kensington Palace

A really great photograph of a microphone.

Ben Lloyd Evans does some of his best work when peering though branches.

Having angrily played stringed instruments since a young age, this guy has a History of Violins... Violence... Violince?

Blue Strawberry's staff prepare for the event at Kensington Palace

A Tip of the Hat from Bellissima's Belle

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