The Sternberg Clarchives: Watch Launch at the Greenwich Royal Observatory

July 05, 2011



In our latest trip down memory lane in the Sternberg Clarchives we turn back the clocks... with a product launch for a watch. Pretty clever eh?

Swiss watchmaker Zenith unveiled their latest collector’s timepiece – the Christophe Colomb at a spectacular event at The Greenwich Royal Observatory, London: the point which marks world time and space. Our British Military Band led the 120 leading journalists and reporters from around the world, from the coach to the event.

Our Military Marching Band perform for guests at Zenith's Watch Launch

It was another great example of how clever choice of venues and carefully chosen act can reenforce a theme or send a clear message to those in attendance at an event. By evoking the military precision and meticulous timing of a marching band in the entertainment for the event, guests were left in no doubt as to the pedigree of the product on display

We're often guilty of using the blog to say how great we are at the whole "Booking Entertainment For Events" thing so as a change of pace - why don't we let someone else say how great we are in the form of a genuine testimonial? ...

“I want to thank you all one more time for the great job you all did organizing and making this Zenith event happen! It was a great success with very positive feedback from our journalists and our president - and this could have never been realized without your collaboration and input! It has been a big challenge for all of us but the result was that much more beautiful and I am really happy!  The marching band was perfect… …they did a great job and our guests loved it! Unforgettable!” –Zenith via Lara Mingay PR

Our Grenadier Guards Performing at the Royal Observatory

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