The Sternberg Clarchives: Masquerade at Madame Tussauds

June 02, 2011


We still have this cage in the office and it's used to house anyone guilty of 'Poor Invoice Procedures'For a promotional event at Madame Tussauds, we provided a vast array of entertainment to complement their Masquerade theme. We created a bespoke ballet burlesque performance featuring a specially created costume for the dancer. One of our Ballet Burlesque Dancers takes to the stage at Madam TussaudsOur dancer appeared from within a giant metal birdcage wearing a black tutu, hot pants and feathers and began a traditional ballet routine on pointes. As the music then moved from the music of Swan Lake to a sassy high-energy pop track, the dancer began her sexy and sophisticated burlesque routine during which she slowly teased the audience whilst removing her Basque, gloves and tutu. Our Costumed String Quartet have no need to mask musical imperfections... we did ask them to wear masks though.Our contortionist then took to the stage and performed her seemingly impossible act which culminates with her squeezing into a tiny Perspex box. Our Contortionist boxes herself in at Madame Tussauds Somemtimes it's nice to get inside a small clear plastic box; our contortionist says it gives you 'perspextive' but I think she means perspective because Perspextive isn't a word - I brought this up but she didn't seem that interested.These acts performed along with various other strolling acts including a fortune teller, venetian-style living statues and our audio-visual DJ concept Organic Vision was used throughout to provide music and visuals to reinforce the theme. Bespoke Venetian and masquerade imagery – roses, beautifully adorned masks and dancers waltzing were projected onto the walls whilst our electric String quartet dressed in Marie Antoinette via Vivienne Westwood inspired – Stellini together with an Opera singer performed a breathtaking show. Our contortionist stretches out in the comparatively spacious birdcage.A slightly more dressed Ballet Dancer at the start of the performance - why didn't we put this one first? Good question.Masked Character at Madame TussaudsSuffering from a save case of ‘corporate event hiccups’, our contortionist gets rid of them the only way she knows how.

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