The Sternberg Clarchives Awesome Events Photos II

June 19, 2015

In a previous blog, we showed you a few of our favourite photos from events, supplying a little bit of backstory as to how they came about. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, we’ll let them do the talking!

Aerial Silk Up Close

 This is a rather gorgeous photo and was taken at an event in Battersea Evolution, south London. In other photos, it’s possible to see the aerial silk performers (for there were two!) performing amongst the silk either side of a suspended Formula 1 racing car. Certainly a bit different!

White Dress

 This wonderful photo by Theresa Furey was taken at a 40th birthday party we arranged at Anyhoe Park. Along with various acts including BeatvoxBrothers of Eden and Halo Glow Show were top dance duo, Alleviate. This is one half of the couple during a setpiece and although many of the other photos are stunning, this is probably our favourite.


 Part of being a top supplier of entertainment in the events industry is constantly coming up with new ideas that will compel and astound the audience. One such idea was the Recitalists, a combination of classical music with acrobats, to provide something nobody had ever seen before. This is a Miles Willis photo (as is the title photo at the top of the page) from the launch night in front of industry professionals at Banqueting HouseAcrofelipe and the Balanas Sisters are the acts on display.


 Okay, perhaps a little much to call this young teen a man but he’s holding a sword, so let’s stick with swordsman, shall we? This rather striking shot was taken at a private event in 2011 at the Tate Britain, a venue we recently covered in the blog here. As well as a performer with a sword, guests were also entertained by aerial hoop artists, Le Gateau Chocolat and masked dancers. Not bad at all!

Bride, Groom and Photographer

 Okay, okay, fine. You got us. This isn’t actually all it appears to be. It is a phenomenally gorgeous photograph but the bride and groom in the photo aren’t actually married. They are actors, who were hired as part of our own showcase called Make Their Day, looking at the weddings industry as a whole. Guests were invited from across the industry to attend One Marylebone and hopefully came away with a few more ideas on just how to supply everything for wedded-couples-to-be.

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By Henry Fosdike