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June 04, 2015

We’ve been supplying entertainment for events longer than some of our employees in the office have been alive, so it makes sense that there will be some amazing photos hidden in the archives, that have been shared just once or twice right after the event and then forgotten about thereafter.

We tend to share a number of these on Instagram each day but specially for you – dear reader of the blog – here are a few select photos that we love, along with a little information about how they came to be.

Darwin at the Piano

 This photo comes from a 2012 event at the Natural History Museum, who were doing their annual Strictly SW7 event. There’s no word if the famous statue of Charles Darwin actually started playing the piano in a Night at the Museum style, but there’s no denying it makes for a pretty awesome photo and one of the only ones here that doesn’t actually feature an act.

Upside Down Contact Juggler

 A selection of exciting photos exist from this corporate event in 2011, the most notable of which is undoubtedly this snap of a contact juggler as seen through one of their acrylic balls. It was taken in Whitechapel Gallery, if you’re wondering.

Living Topiary on the Stairs

 Probably our favourite photo from last year, this is a picture of Living Topiary walking down the stairs at Hampton Court Palace. It’s odd to think that Henry VIII may have stood in the very same room, never once realising that hedge-shaped men would one day follow in his footsteps. Next step, the British throne.

Saxophonist at Sunset

 Where was this one taken then, eh? The palm tree, the sunset, the dress, the saxophone... Yes, that’s right. You got it! It was taken in the grounds of Hamilton Palace, Scotland in 2013 (we don’t limit ourselves to London...) There’s just something about this one that makes you smile.

A ‘Magical Montmartre’ Aerial Silk Performer

 My own personal favourite photo, this beautiful shot was taken as part of an homage to all things Paris and the Moulin Rouge. A wonderful landscape shot, the aerial silk act in question is performing to a mesmerising backing track by Diana Krall as the diners watch on. It might just be the fairy lights that make it so special.

In writing this, it’s become eminently clear that there are a whole host of wonderful photos that deserve to be shared so we can’t wait to show you a few more in the coming weeks!

Update: See more here



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By Henry Fosdike