The Sternberg Clarchives: A Tale of 2 Halves

June 02, 2011


Next up on our tour of the Sternberg Clarchives is this rather dazzling event which shows how entertainment can be used to fit into a theme whilst working with other elements of the event.

Our brief here was to provide bespoke entertainment to complement (rather than overpower) a John Stezaker photography exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery. His work involves taking classic black and white portraits and manipulating them to produce something edgy and contemporary.Organic Jam, in suitably themed costumes, prepare for their performance.As the art exhibition was the main act in itself, our entertainment was mostly static, non-intrusive, but new and bespoke, with stunning living statues, beautiful ribbon dancers and crystal ball manipulators on plinths, all costumed and styled to suit the black, white and yellow colour theme. With subtle but contemporary makeup and styling provided for all catering staff, we transformed the event into a work of art in itself, picking up on the “two halves” theme with pairs of plinths and strolling musical duos improvising over ambient DJ music. Living tables, one of our more successful range of 'Living Furniture' that includes the lesser booked 'Living Wardrobe' and 'Living Cutlery Drawer'The elegance of the art in upstairs galleries was respected and enhanced by a stunning harp quartet, all dressed in white with yellow eyeshadow, filling the long cavernous Gallery 8 with floating music across the evening. The entertainment was tailored entirely to fit the venue and our client’s brief. Can't have a Sternberg Clarke Event without Ball Manipulators... No seriously you can, we won't hear of it. Living Statues at the Whitechapel Gallery It may have been "A Tale of Two Halves" for Ernst & Young but for us it was "A Tale of Two Harps"- I am worth every penny they pay me.    We were fortunate to find a woman with what we call "Champagne Bearing Hips

Organic Jam perform at the Whitechapel GalleryCarlo DJs at the White Chapel Gallery

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