The Perfect Artist for your Event - Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts

November 22, 2019

We’ve written a lot about artists on the blog this week and today is no different as we delve into the man who might just be the perfect artist for your event. We can offer caricaturists, silhouette artists, painters of your wedding venue and more at your party but Stephen Wiltshire might just be the perfect artist for your event.

Stephen Wiltshire may not be a name that you recognise but he is a British architectural artist. He is most widely known for his ability to draw a landscape for memory after seeing it just once. We offer painters at your event who will sit in the corner of your event and put together a painting over many hours but by booking Stephen, he would merely need to walk into the venue, nod his head and move on into a workshop elsewhere before producing his masterpiece.

That being said, ordinarily Stephen takes a number of days to create his drawings and to be honest only having him draw at an event would perhaps be an understatement of his abilities. Instead Stephen frequently draws entire cities from memory after taking just one helicopter ride. He has drawn a detailed four-mile stretch of London after one such ride and produced 305 square miles of New York after a 20-minute sojourn into the air as well. That is truly next level!

Stephen has since repeated these feats in many cities around the world including Madrid, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Dubai and Jerusalem, whilst his drawing of Rome was so detailed that he drew the exact number of columns in the Pantheon. His longest ever drawing was a 10-metre long canvas of Tokyo that took seven days, whilst he has also sketched the likes of Venice, Manhattan and Sydney.

Some of his detailed creations can be seen on his website; London, Paris and Montreal are all featured in exquisite detail from just the one trip into the sky. Stephen was made an MBE for services to art in 2006. Although you might not be able to book him for your event, he is available to take commissions. So if you fancy booking Stephen to create something for you, please feel free to head to his website and enjoy the numerous drawings already listed. They really are something else!

Photo copyright: Stephen Wiltshire



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By Henry Fosdike