The New Years Resolutions of an Entertainment Agency

January 01, 2012



Entertainment Agencies are like people, with all the same worries and doubts that that involves. As one year draws to a close, an entertainment agency might start thinking "This year was good, But how can I make next year better?" The entertainment agency might start making outlandish claims of going for a run at 6 every morning or subsisting on a diet of nothing but raw vegetables for the next 12 months but eventually, the entertainment agency will settle on a few key areas in which realistic improvements can be made and declare them New Years Resolutions to take effect on the first day of the year - or in the case of Sternberg Clarke - the 3rd of December, don't try and call before then... no one in.

Avoid "Mayan" Events

It's probably nonsense, but on the off-chance that Maya Calendar holds true and the world does end in 2012, it's probably best not to put on any event that may or may not upset the God Bolon Yokte' who may or may not be watching the Event Industry with great interest over the coming months. It might also be good to do further research into Bolon Yokte' having only just found out about him/her/it on Wikipedia.

Try not to theme Everything Around the Olympic Rings

With the Olympic bandwagon trundling into town this coming summer, the temptation to jump upon said wagon is almost irresistable; perhaps using 5 coloured rings for a hoop dancer, 5 coloured balls for a juggler, or 5 circles painted on to the face of a pianist? Perhaps not. Sternberg Clarke Promise to try to be more ambitious than a schoolchild decorating a pencil case when it comes to themeing around the Olympics.

Ease off the Cake

We're excited about Le Gateau Chocolat, we sang his praises in Edinburgh, gave out cakes, offered free tickets and generally got a little bit overexited. We've gorged on Gateau in 2011 but next year we're totally playing it cool - we're not even going to worry if he doesn't call us for a couple of days... whatever, yeah? It's no big deal.

Finally get those "English Gents" Abs

This year, this is the year, defnitely this year... We've bought the costumes, watched all the videos and installed a soft padded area downstairs for us to practice our patriotic Acrobalance routine and tone our collective torsos to the standards of the stars of La Soiree.

Learn this Cup and Ball Trick

Can't figure this out. I've got the instructions in front of me but they don't make sense and I've seen loads of magicians so I must be a little bit magic. I don't understand.