The New Hintze Hall @ Natural History Museum

July 17, 2017

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to be one of the first hundred to see the brand new Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum. We weren’t given any special status as a supplier either, we simply entered the prize draw and were lucky enough to be confirmed as one of 50 who won the ‘Runner Up’ prize: 90 minutes access to the museum ahead of the grand unveiling to the public. With Dippy the Dinosaur having been replaced by the skeleton of Hope the Blue Whale as the main attraction in Hintze Hall, it’s fair to say excitement and expectations were through the roof! This was to be a historic day.


 As somebody who didn’t enter the draw, I felt fairly lucky to be there, walking along the red carpet into the museum itself. My cousin, a big science lover currently studying a PhD, had entered the competition and duly invited me to accompany him. After all, how many other people could get to the museum for 8.30 on a weekday and have it actually be in the context of work? Hopefully this blog post is enough to show you what you can expect to see from this fab venue in future events!

 Essentially, Hintze Hall has been stripped back. There is now a small information desk in the centre of the room but this can probably (don’t count on it!) be dismantled for an event or work beautifully as a bar in the middle of the room. With the blue whale above, it creates an enviable feeling of awe. This is the ultimate corporate party venue!


 Each alcove sports an interesting exhibit that you’ll be sure to want to photograph. From a swordfish in formaldehyde to a giraffe and its skeleton side by side, you won’t know where to point your camera upon arrival! A woolly mammoth peaks out from behind another pillar, whilst fossilised trees are also a must see. Never seen a meteorite? You can change all that! In short, this is a wonderful new way of presenting this brilliant events space and dino fans, don't despair for there is a full skeleton still on display! The Natural History Museum has gone through many changes over the years and this new version of Hintze Hall, with Hope the Blue Whale in pride of place… Well, there’s never been a better time to visit! Please do enjoy our photos below!

                 Thanks to the Natural History Museum for giving us the opportuntiy to enjoy such a wonderful new exhibit. We highly recommend a visit to Hintze Hall and hope that you get as much joy out of  a visit as we did! 




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By Henry Fosdike