The Life of a Sternberg Clarke Intern

August 11, 2016

Today's blog comes from a very special guest at Sternberg Clarke, James Sternberg, son of Adam (hmm...that sounds very biblical). After having him complete a number of tasks, we thought it'd be great to hear this thoughts on what it was like to be an intern over the course of a week at the company.

Please note that these are his words and we have only edited them for clarity. We have also included important italics where necessary.

"After having arrived at the offices of the world renowned Sternberg Clarke (no comment) I was wondering what was it going to be like. What are the staff going to be like? Would they be the types of people that sit in the office all day ignoring me? All this was going through my head as I went through the door on my first day. Just from the tone and manner the staff greeted me I could tell that I was going to enjoy being an intern here. (Aww...shucks!)

When I was struggling to log on to the computer, the other staff were happy to help. I could feel the great morale around the room - the talk of the weekend football seemed in good sprit. A brilliant trait to have as the leader of a company is to know how to keep your staff motivated and that seems to be key to the company's success. The supply of coffee and tea was largely appreciated by everybody and you can tell that the staffs are generous as they all donate to the large snack supply which is shared between the office. (Ahem...a few biscuits a day is okay, right?) I fondly remember the one time when two of my colleagues went to South Kensington after a site visit and brought the whole office Ben’s Cookies out of the goodness of their heart. (Okay, maybe a cookie each too.)

My first task was to find 10 female pianists that can perform in London. It may come across as a rather challenging task to some but my expert(!) colleagues knew the exact place to look for them. This was a classic example of how my week went. My other main task while I was at Sternberg Clarke was to find 148 people to perform in the UK outside of London. After some research online, I would find their email address or number and ask if they would like to be considered. Even though not all replied it was evident that I was finding the right people from their responses and the ones that replied were booked in for an audition. They were kind, intelligent and experienced performers who I am sure will satisfy every client who books them for an event. I was also able to sit in on auditions and ask questions. It was clear that at Sternberg Clarke that once your trust was proven they would repay you by trusting you with what you do and that they would allow you to learn more about the areas you were most interested in.


We're ever so grateful to James for coming in and helping us during his summer holidays and no doubt, he'll probably be our boss before too long!


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By Henry Fosdike