The Greatest Showman - Party Ideas

July 10, 2018

The Greatest Showman is undoubtedly the hit of the year so far (if we ignore the few days it debuted in the chart last year), with a soundtrack that has broken records for its longevity in the chart. People just cannot get enough of The Greatest Showman. With this in mind, we thought it might be good to offer a few entertainment options for a themed event that focuses around the film. That’s right, prepare yourself for some truly excellent Greatest Showman party ideas!

Ringmaster (Costume)

 How can you be The Greatest Showman? Party ideas should obviously begin with you or someone else becoming Hugh Jackman for the evening (and no, we aren’t talking his knife-wielding Wolverine character). Book a Ringmaster costume to get things going in the right direction. If you don’t have a huge budget then this is the one entertainment prop you absolutely have to spring for because in truth, imagination and some top dance moves might be able to do the rest!


 Okay, so you have a slightly more impressive budget than we intimated above. You have a few friends that want to learn some of the key dance moves from the film. You don’t really want to have to trawl YouTube and pause every seconds to learn the main movements. What can you do? Book dancers of course! Yes, our trained professionals can choreograph winning sequences that are sure to impress everybody at your Greatest Showman event. Looking for some guests to get involved? That shouldn’t be a problem either. Party ideas don’t get much better than this!


 At its heart, The Greatest Showman is a (romanticised!) painting of Barnum and his invention of the circus. You might not be able to book aerial silk dancers, bearded ladies or Zac Efron but what you can do is book acrobats for your event. Whether they take the form of Acrochaps or Ali & Klodi is immaterial because everybody will be having a good time regardless; The Greatest Showman theme lends itself to the opportunity for you to call it The Greatest Party, right? So book circus performers and watch the wide-eyed wonder of guests take over. They’ll feel like they are in the film and smile at you every time you walk past(especially if you’re the one wearing that Ringmaster costume we mentioned earlier).

Evolve Shadow Show

 Cast your mind back to the early scenes of The Greatest Showman, when Barnum is down on his luck and trying to entertain his children. All out of ideas, he casts shadows on the wall and his career-changing entertainment idea comes to him in a flash! What would you say if we told you that you can book shadow dancers to create some of those shapes from the film, just on a bigger stage? We think you’d be impressed and so you should be because Evolve are the best at what they do! Boy, This Greatest Showman part is really coming together, isn’t it? Party ideas are easy once you get down to it!  

A Cappella Choir

 What’s not to love? The highlight of your event should clearly be a flash mob style dance that comes together in the centre of the venue, which has been transformed into a circus ring, and everybody singing This Is Me at the top of their lungs whilst two trapeze artists swing above. Now that may be tricky to arrange and highly expensive but just IMAGINE IT. At the very least, an a sing-through of This Is Me by a cappella collective Belt Up will definitely bring the house down. Marvellous (and you can book Belt Up here!)

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By Henry Fosdike