The Great A to Z of Entertainment (T-Z)

May 29, 2015

As Nelly Furtado once sang (and probably still does at her gigs), All Good Things (must) Come to an End. And so it is that this blog must regretfully conclude its run through of the A-Z of entertainment. But we’re getting out with a bang because it’s just T through to Z to go and we’re intrigued as you are as to what we’ll pick for U, V, X and Z. Hmm...


 Truly a terrific letter, T throws up some tremendous entertainment acts. T2 combine technical prowess with footballing talent, whilst The Mighty Moustache (added to the website only today hence his non-appearance under M) is a terrific traditional strongman. The Twilight Players are a dance trio to be reckoned with, whilst ToneAcity are perfect if cabaret is your thing. Two Men & a Box are a top acoustic duo to be aware of and Three Little Maids are a close harmony trio with a twist. Why not take in these acts whilst wearing a tailcoat? Go on, you know you want to.


 Umm... Uh-huh. U. Umm... Ultra exciting circus acts include a unicyclist! Unbelievably good and impressive, which can be soundtracked by the Urban Soul Orchestra. Understood? If uncertain or unsure, the Ungewinster is an unconventional but uber impressive act of whom most people are unaware. Or Arthur Potts-Dawson could talk about his unique urban restaurants. Utterly awesome! Uh... That’s it for U.


 Various vocalistsviolinists and visual artists beginning with the letter V are available for your event. Vegas Showgirls can add a bit of glamour and you’ll be very impressed with aventriloquist! Vying for your business could also be a vintage act or vaudevillian veteran. Very sad to say though that V is virtuous but virtually vacant when it comes to acts valuing this letter. But those who vowed to veer into this veneer... Our verdict is to vindicate their decision of their own volition to say... Voila!


 W already? Well why not? Wing will wow attendees at weddings (and other events) whilst Wandering Hands are world-renowned for their strolling acoustic performances. The Watling Street Band can present a mix of weird and wonderful covers. What’s that? Who? Jazz? Ah, how about Winter? If dancers are what you want then waiters who breakdance will be perfect. With entertainment remember... Whatever works!


 X! Err... A xylophonist or Tariq’s X-ray act with his sneaky security guards. ‘Xtreme, ‘xceptional and ‘xtra entertaining, alas there are ‘xtremely few X acts.


 Yes, Y may be a little more difficult than originally anticipated. You see, few acts use Y (we yearn for more!) yet the few that do are youthful and fine all year round – including yuletide performances! Young Rhapsody will fulfil your guests expectations whilst a yoyo expert may be your kind of thing. Yulia is a whizz with hula hoops and Yaz is a phenomenal trumpeter. Yes, limited but Y is still worth yelling about.


 Zomg! You won’t want to zzzzz with Z for we zealously present acts with zeal! Ze Trio will zigzag through your event (maybe at a zoo?) – avoiding the zyzzyva (google it) – and allowing you to enjoy your zymurgy-based beverage (google that too). Zebras are unlikely to be seen with Zero Central but zoinks! What a show they will provide. The zenith of entertainment that provides real zip and zing to your party.

Wow that’s it! That is the end of our list.  Now it’s time for us to grab some zeds.

Update: The Great A-Z of Entertainment is now complete! 

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By Henry Fosdike