The Great A to Z of Entertainment (M-S)

May 28, 2015

We’re very close to being halfway through (after M, we will be!) and today’s blog covers all your favourite letters – not guaranteed – from M through to S. If you’re excited on what we managed to put together for Q then you’re not the only one...


 Marvellous! M has finally manifested itself in this blog series. Not a moment too soon either, for many in music and magic were growing worried. Morris Dancers are a much-loved classic of entertainment, whilst Matt Flint can provide something a little more manic. The Mirror Man and Mash Machine (a perfect majesty of music with manipulation) are prime examples of acts not many will have seen before. Mack the Knife has monstrous balance talents and Mat can move bottles like you’ll never have imagined. Madhen can provide your modern beats, Meridian can provide the strings and Mehboob can provide the sitar – ‘mazing!


 Putting the ‘N’ in ‘N’tertainment, the letter N is popular in the world of costumes, where a nineteenth century doublet is not only necessary but eminently noticeable at your event. Need something to put the ‘nippon’ in your event? Why not a Neon Geisha outfit or Nee-On, an LED dance troupe? The Nightingale Girls or New Cross Hot Club can provide the notes (backed by Nils, naturally) with Neb and Nigel Mead able to have a magic off (if that’s a thing?) If it is not a thing, then never mind!


 Oh what an occasion your event at Old Billingsgate is – how about some O acts? Okay then! Ones to look out for include Organic Jam, a combination of DJ and musicians! Music is important to an event so how about opera oorchestra? Or maybe October Moon oOliver Moriarty? Need a magician? Oli is perfect. A comedian? Omid Djalili is your man. Or if you require other ideas to be offered up, how about an oud player? Ooh exciting!


 Perfect from private events to product launches, various phenomenal performers begin with a P. Perhaps poi will impress early on or Pippa the Ripper can get people talking instead? Plying punters with photos is something all enjoy; why not invest in a photobooth? Pure harmonies can also be popular – Penny Arcade may be a good act to pursue. Why not have a ponder though on other musical entertainment; a percussionistpianist or pop band is pretty certain to go down well, with the Peter O’Donnell Band being another great idea.


 ...Yes. As we take your quirky queries and questions on possible acts, let’s quickly continue a quest to find acts beginning with the letter Q. Umm... Aside from Queen lookalikes, why not work on costumes and hire a quilted patchwork doublet. Quite brilliant. Also available are quick draw artists and various entertainment for your quiz, a whole host of musical quartets and a Queen of Hearts outfit. Quality!


 Ahhhhh. Or maybe we really mean R. They sound the same when repeated aloud! Racing through the roster, are a whole host of rather brilliant acts including every regal’s choice, the Royal footmen. A ringmaster can rally the troops and rule over your event if required or make way for RednoteRaff & the Remedies or Ruby & the Rhythms. Or perhaps Romesh Raganathan can regale the rows of attendees with witty retorts before a ratpack singer draws the evening to a close.


 Strewth! S already? So many great acts and so many still to see! S shows us a world of superb, slick strolling acts such as magicians or stilt walkers, so often the centre-piece of stunning events! “Speech! Speech!” Yes, speakers can tell stories of stars and surprises from Steve Leonard to Sophie CornishSupernova are a sensational dance show that need to be seen to be believed whilst the Symphonics and Steel Strum are just two of the musical acts and singers available. And you can't go wong with electric strings from Stellini! But what else does S stand for? Ah yes, Sternberg Clarke – specialists in supplying entertainment (sorry, we had to).

Update: The Great A-Z of Entertainment is now complete! 

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By Henry Fosdike