The Great A to Z of Entertainment (G-L)

May 27, 2015

Following on from our run through of acts beginning with the letters A-F yesterday, it's time for letters G-L today! If you're a fan pf alphaebtised lists, this really is the blog for you. 


 The great and the good all line up for G! The glitz and the glamour is evident with guitarists being by far the most popular act listed under this gorgeous letter. It’s just oh so good. Or perhaps you’d prefer to gauge conjuror Gareth’s gasp-inducing tricks. If it’s circus acts you’re pondering, Gandini will juggle, Glow Show will gleefully light up your event and the German Wheel always goes down a storm. Goodness me, what a generous helping of genius. Feel free to scrawl on a graffiti wall to celebrate and allow a graphologist to analyse your handwriting!


 Entertainment is so hot right now. Yes, yes it is. Looking down from up high is the letter H. A haze of hilarious and heart-stopping acts to humour and horrify the audience.  First port of call is obviously the host – why not Hugh Dennis? The Hill Valley Joes can add some ‘hillbilly’ tunes whilst The Hasall Trio can jazz it up, if that’s more your thing. Helen is available to play piano, throw Hattie on vocals and have a harpist or four to add a little high-class. Finally hone in on hula-hoopersHelioom or the Heliosphere to heighten the atmosphere of the entire event!


 Is it just us or is I a difficult one? Perhaps not. Ready those invitations and get the ink flowing with an iPad illustrator (yes, caricaturist but this is I!) or iPad Magician, before allowing intelligent and imaginative juggling in the form of Ian. Inspirational speakers are also in demand, whilst In the Style Of will reproduce your look err... in the style of a famous artist of the past. Interesting! Immersive and interactive actors can help your event flourish whilst an illusionist or Iona can wow the invited guests.


 Just sit back and judge for yourself whether J is the juiciest most jam-packed collection of entertainers. The aforementioned jugglers are jumping about, whilst Jesters are also in attendance. Jamie Raven can amaze with his magic tricks, Judge the Poet can rhyme your couplet and jazz, jazz, jazz is the order of the day with Jazzbomb or perhaps JessieJojo or Jess can offer something slightly different. The J acts are perfect for any time of year from January through to June and July so just get in touch!


 We’ve reached K already? Knowledge of acts is the key to our success so far. Kicking off the K’s is a recent addition to Sternberg Clarke – Kat! Her wonderful vocals may be the perfect accompaniment to Klodi’s acrobalance double act with partner, Ali. Kick up a storm with a Kate Middleton lookalike or have Katie Piper deliver a great talk as Kaleidoscope perform. Whichever kind of act you’re looking for, K kicks ass!


 Many blog favourites lie under L, a letter that evidently latches onto the loveliness that is ‘naming your entertainment act’. Living Topiary can wander your event pretending to be hedges, whilst a lookalike can admire the light walkers from afar. Luna and Lilli & Sara can add a little aerial hoop action whilst light jugglers and light dancers can leave the audience amazed! The Lips and Le Gateau Chocolat are a combo not many have seen before or if you’d like something completely different, Les Bougies Baroque might be just the thing! If you love live musicLatin or Laura-Jayne may well be the way to go too! Phew! It's time to treat ourselves to a snack from the living canapé table.

Join us tomorrow for M-R, where we'll probably be fretting all night about what to put under Q. Hmm... 

Update: The Great A-Z of Entertainment is now complete! 

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By Henry Fosdike