The Great A to Z of Entertainment (A-F)

May 26, 2015

To help celebrate the last week of May (which is definitely cause for celebration just is), we’ve decided to do an A to Z of entertainment! And where better to start than at the beginning, between the letters of A and F?


 Everyone’s favourite first letter of the alphabet, these acts beginning with A are awesome, amazing and awe-inspiring (don’t expect alliteration like that for every letter). Many of the acts associated with the letter A enjoy defying gravity and impressing in the air. Yes, you’ll find various acrobats – step forward the gentlemanly Acrochaps or Acrofelipe - and aerial hoop artists perfectly at home within this letter. There are however a few more acts – Atlantic Soul Orchestra are perfect to bring some soul to your event, whilst Amber Topaz can provide some glamour with her burlesque dancing. Ace!


 The letter B! What a bouncy and buoyant letter. Reserved for some brilliant acts, perhaps the most well known are the beautiful Balanas Sisters, whose incredible playing of the violin and cello will leave guests blissful and beaming. Or what about bombastic beatboxing a cappella outfit Beatvox, often the cause of much ballistic excitement? Naturally, there are many morebands who can provide blinding beats, including Beat the Brief first heat winners Beato Burritoand top balance duo, Brothers of Eden.


 This all feels a little like Letterland really, doesn’t it? But instead of the Clever Cat, we have an entire genre in the form of the Circus, which features the Cyr Wheel or Carousel. Not just that though, for a contortionist can leave crowds confused, a sense of calm can be provided by a contact juggler and the Chinese pole and comedy jugglers can keep things cool. C is also the domain of corporate events, where costumes come into play, a chillusionist can impress at Christmas and caricaturists and canapé darlings reign supreme. For the classical fan, why not Corelli? Or for the crime fan, why not get involved in CSI?


 Are you ready to dance? Delightful! Yes, D is the domain of the dancers, both ribbonlight and all others on the circuit! Perhaps a drag artist is more your kind of thing? Do not dismay, we have that too! And if you’d like the Dhol Drummers to delight. Drawers of all kinds are also popular (ordinarily known as caricaturists but we highlighted them above) and if wanting an injection of deception, why not hire top magician, Dan?


 To keep things dead easy, E is evidently for entertainment (or eventertainment if we want to get oh so clever about it). If we’re being honest, there aren’t many acts beginning with E, but there are a choice few. For example, an escapologist is extremely enlightening whilst Evolve’s shadow show will entice and entrance. Alternatively, if it’s endurance and motivation you’re after, Ellen MacArthur can speak at your event with Elle and the Pocket Belles no doubt providing the backing track! Exciting stuff!


 Fast, furious, fantastic and frenetic! Yes, F is all about the phenomenal (not technically a word beginning with ‘F’, but it sounds like F so... Feel free to let it slide). Focusing on fun, various festival acts can keep things light and breezy. Festival SonsFestival Foxes and the rather delightfully named Fables & Friends – aww. Freight Train can keep the dancing going well into the night and Flagman or a funambulist can provide the wow factor your attendees so demand. Failing that, there's always Fire TubaFun, fun, fun! (P.S. Whilst you're here, why not follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook?)

Update: The Great A-Z of Entertainment is now complete! 

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By Henry Fosdike