The Five Best Superbowl Halftime Shows of All Time

February 05, 2018

If you’re feeling a little tired this morning, it’s probably because you watched the Superbowl last night or at the very least, you watched half of it. Yes, many of us with no interest in American Football or the NFL simply tune in once a year in order to watch the Superbowl Halftime show, which this year was performed by Justin Timberlake. Although there have been 52 Superbowl halftime shows, it only started being a huge deal in 1993 when Michael Jackson made his performance the one thing everybody was talking about. Since then, the greatest stars on the planet have taken to the field to perform but what are the five best Superbowl shows of all time? If you’re looking to enjoy some entertainment, this should be your viewing for the next hour!

Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot

Who can forget the show from 2015 when Katy Perry injected a whole heap of fun into her Superbowl performance? Not only did she invite along global superstars Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot, but she also decided to hire a costume or two with one of her sharks completely stealing the show and inspiring many a gif the next day. Not only that though, the entire show is a technical marvel as Perry rode in on a giant lion puppet and then paraded around the sky during ‘Firework’. This Superbowl halftime show is definitely worth a rewatch three years later. Three years? Wow! Time really flies.

Aerosmith, N*SYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige and Nelly

Just how many stars do you really want to fit into one fifteen minute halftime show? Initially this 2001 spectacle was billed as giving something back to both the older and younger fans of the NFL. Old school rockers Aerosmith belted out I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing while Justin Timberlake and Co. were happy to deliver Bye Bye Bye to delirious fans. This was an important halftime show because it was the first years fans were invited on the field to actually make the entire thing seem like a normal gig or concert. And if that wasn’t enough the show had three special guests in the form of Britney, Nelly and Mary J. Blige. Talk about epic…though the less said about the costumes the better.

Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child

2013 was Beyoncé to the max with a huge stage that featured a burning image of her face as the backdrop. Make no mistake, this was truly Sasha Fierce on top form with a litany of hits from Crazy Love through to Halo with former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams invited to the stage to sing Single Ladies (an odd choice considering it wasn’t their song to begin with). Though we would have liked at least one costume change, this was still a stellar performance that absolutely rocked the stadium.

Madonna, LMFAO, Cee Lo Green and Nicki Minaj

If there’s one person who knows how to put on an event, it’s Madonna and so it proved with this absolutely incredible performance. You can almost imagine her when she started planning the party - “I’d like to book a circus slack line performance… Oh, and an LED stage… Can I book a gospel choir as well? Is it possible to hire dancers too? And a Greek goddess costume for myself? Thanks!” Yes, this was utterly over the top but hey, that’s what the Superbowl halftime show is all about. Proving that she had all the stamina of celebs half her age, Madonna wowed the crowd and even invited a few friends along for the experience.


When Prince died in 2016, it was a huge loss to the music industry; an absolute genius taken way too soon. At least we have this then, a Prince performance that goes down in history as the finest Superbowl halftime show of them all. Walking about a stage that was carved into the shape of his classic logo, Prince delivered hit after hit after hit, completely ignoring the torrential rain. The weather could have made this performance a disaster but come on, this was Prince and he absolutely rocked it. Anyone else invited along? Nope, because Prince didn’t need anyone else (well, aside from a brief appearance of a marching band). It was just him and his guitar and who knows if it will ever be bettered. 



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By Henry Fosdike