The English Gents at the Park Plaza Westminster

December 15, 2011


 We're vocal fans of the cabaret/circus spectacular LA SOIRÉE - we even gave away some tickets a few days back (Congratulations to Dave Corlett who will be trotting off to the Roundhouse with a couple of friends for the show) But while we're often singing the praises of Le Gateau Chocolat, he's by no means the only jaw dropping cabaret star to come out of the Soiree stable of acts. Case in point; the magnificent English Gents who we booked for a recent event at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

The English Gents earn their (Pin) Stripes We were first introduced to this daring duo as part of Last Year's La Soiree and immediately fell madly in love with their hilariously 'stiff-upper-lipped' take on the ever popular art of acrobalance. Striding briskly onto stage in matching pinstripe suites, the bowler hatted pair launch into a delightfully prim and proper display of hand balancing and perfectly judged Python-esque physical comedy (you'd imagine that 'Upper Class Twit of the Year' has been required viewing in the Gents' La Soiree dressing room.)

Not a time for sweaty palms... Performing to a fittingly jingoistic soundtrack, the Gents perform a series of seemingly impossible moves and poses whilst mixing in the occasional cheeky sight gag for good measure (a particular crowd pleaser is the Looney-Tunes-ish stretching out of a compacted neck) all the while maintaining their contrasting characters (stony-faced bore and giggling buffoon respectively.)

... Nor is it a day for greasy hair products The routine ended with the most gleefully patriotic of stripteases set to Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory' which lead to frenzies squeals from half of the audience (the ladies seemed to enjoy it too) before the guys made a dignified jog towards the exit, their Union Jack clad posteriors dissolving into the white light of the hotel kitchen... and then they were gone.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. 

Elgar's original title for his most famous work was "Land of Hope and Glorious Abs"

Velcro, eh? The English Gents make a dash for the Exit

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