The Dixie Ticklers at the In and Out Club

August 25, 2011

Following a superb audition a few months back, New Orleans style Jazz Band The Dixie Ticklers became one of our favourite new acts thanks to their energetic, lively performances and all round ‘good-bunch-of-guys-ness’ (which is a thing.) So we were understandably thrilled when software providers Allocate decided to book the band for their annual garden party that was being held at the In & Out Club in London’s St James’ Square.

The Dixie Ticklers perform at the In and Out Club in St James' Square

And we were thrilled not just because a band we like got a chance to perform in such a great venue, not because a bunch of people get to see how great they (and therefore we) are, not even because the combination of the band and the venue’s names provided ample opportunity for childish innuendo  – the real reason we like getting to book the Dixie Ticklers is that one of us gets to sneak into the event and watch them under the pretence of *working* – always a pleasure.

Three members of the Dixie Ticklers perform in the Courtyard

Have a look at the band in action in the video below.

Hosts Allocate Software were celebrating their 20th Birthday which may have had some influence on their booking a band with roots in the music of the 1920s. Either way, they proved to be a great choice.  Performing in the picturesque courtyard of the private members club, the 5 piece won the hearts of guests as they sipped cocktails in the setting sun. The Dixie Ticklers played a set brimming with the shuffling swagger of the era and more importantly, they seemed to be enjoying themselves  in the process.

Have a look at some more pictures from the event below.

The Dixie Tickler Trumpeter takes centre Stage at the In and Out Club

A rare shot of the drummer, I don't like to leave anyone out.

The Dixie Ticklers perform at the In and Out Club in St James' Square