The Christmas Elf vs the Chillusionist

December 20, 2010



Remember in Batman and Robin (recently voted Empire's Worst Film of All Time) when Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as Mr Freeze and unloaded a barrage of puns to do with cold, ice and winter? Some of them weren't even puns; at one point he just shouts "KILL DEM... KILL DA HEROES" - imagine how much better that scene would have been if Freeze could perform magic tricks? Of course, you've been wondering that since 1997 but perhaps you haven't considered also throwing a magic elf into the mix.

That is exactly... exactly what we did last Thursday night at the OXO Tower, providing seasonal magicians to give a Christmas party an original twist. Our magicians Oliver and Dan were happy to get into their roles as festive entertainers treating guests to close up magic displays that no doubt sent chills down their spines... You see, that works on two levels, the cold sending chills down... anyway.

Truth be told, our illusionists showed a great deal of restraint in the ice-pun department letting the tricks and fantastic costumes speak for themselves. Click on the pictures for a better look at what we put the poor magic fools through; Dan in particular deserves special mention for leaping into an elf costume without so much as a complaint - perhaps next time we'll let them switch roles.

Of course, no true entertainment booking agent worth their salt would send someone out into the wilderness in an elf costume without trying it out himself first so below you'll find Ben Lloyd-Evans sporting the rubbery pixie ears and toy making dungarees of one of Santa's favourite helpers.

Which is all well and good, but why then, did Ben keep the costume on for the rest of the day? And for that matter, why is Ben still talking in that creepy high pitched voice and crafting intricately detailed train sets from wood. And where did he get all this wood from which to carve these tiny train sets?

Sadly Ben Lloyd-Elfvans is not for hire this year.