The Best Of London At The Natural History Museum

June 26, 2014

Covent Garden is London's de facto home for street performers, artists and bohemians looking to entertain passersby with a medley of quirky talents and intriguing set pieces. Formerly a fruit and vegetable market, modern day Covent Garden has become very poopular with swathes of tourists and residents looking to find some weekend entertainment amongst a body of trendy shops and restaurants – so that begs the question we’re all thinking, how do you make it fit inside a museum?

For a large scale corporate event, we took on a brief that required us to emulate Covent Garden’s fascinating atmosphere to celebrate all things London at the Natural History Museum.

What followed was a feast of entertainment including magicians, mime artists, light dancers, strolling musicians, hoop artists, Mary Poppins singers and even a My Fair Lady inspired flower girl – all carefully chosen to show off what's great about British entertainment.

Read on to see more pictures and learn more about what went into this London themed event.

Strolling music act The Wandering Hands meandered amongst the crowd and delighted guests with joyful acoustic renditions of songs inspired by the capital. Providing both strong interaction and a pleasant cadence for the event, they always go down a treat.

And what else? Not to be outdone by mere sounds – two mime artists also came out to play. And I understand your concerns, whilst mime artists are more of a Parisian entrée, they certainly weren’t feeling out of place in this London inspired extravaganza. After all, London is a city of diverse and eclectic tastes.

Our My Fair Lady inspired flower girl gave guests a bouquet of souvenirs for their efforts and her social gardening helped to add a few red and white splashes of colour into the proceedings. She wandered across the myriad of exhibits and made sure that there was always some good nature to be found in the museum of natural history.

Complementing the strolling flower girl and hoping to take the flowers and turn them into doves – or something – were a duo of highly skilled close up magicians we enlisted to amaze guests as they wandered around the museum. Unfortunately they weren’t able to bring the T-Rex fossil back to life, as much as we’d want them to.

Providing an extra visual element to the event’s ambience, light dancers and hoop artists performed in a few carefully selected spots dotted around the museum in order to keep guests on their toes as they wandered throughout the event.

Our duo of light dancers shone brightly up against the backdrop of the main hall, providing cheers and smiles to all who wandered near. Again, in keeping with the London theme, they were outfitted by our in-house wardrobe with incandescent dresses in red, white and blue – helping London’s true colours to shine through for all to  see.

Not to be outshone, our hoop artists proved they were not secondary to anyone with their dazzling displays of agility and poise. Stationed in key areas of the museum – in this instance, the gift shop – they helped to create an energetic and positive atmosphere, again reflecting the dynamism of one of the world’s true megacities.

And for the main event, the piece de resistance was a chorus of vocalists dressed up in Mary Poppins costumes from the hit film. ToneAcity performed a rousing routine including hit numbers from the show like Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, Chim Chim Cher-ee and Lets Go Fly A Kite.

All of the Mary Poppins garments were supplied and themed by us to ensure that this London themed bash was as authentic as possible. Guests loved the mix of dancing and singing ToneAcity were able to so aptly display – but they wanted more.

And they got more.

We decided to pursue a rather more unique take on the classic ‘singing waiters’ sketch – wherein a waiter pretends that it’s his last day and wishes to sing to his patrons, to which the head chef also breaks out in song – and ToneAcity disguised themselves in an array of outfits from wearing security uniforms to pretending to be members of the catering team.

Upon one vocalist beginning to belt out Queen’s magnanimous Bohemian Rhapsody, the cleverly disguised members of the group sprang forth and joined in the harmonies – ambushing unsuspecting guests with yet more fantastical music entertainment. Sort of like a flashmob with music, you get the idea.

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By Stephen Warr