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May 20, 2015

You’ve booked off Friday and Monday because hello, festival season! Okay, not quite yet but we bet that you’ve already booked off the time you need. Be it Glastonbury, Bestival or the local festival down the road that do AMAZING milkshakes, festivals are fun, light affairs that allow you to indulge in your favourite acts as well as helping to open your eyes to new experiences.

We’re more interested in the latter, so impress your friends – if they’re the type to be impressed by your knowledge of the entertainment circuit (to be fair, if they aren’t then are they really friends?) – and get the lowdown on what you may well be seeing within the next few months.

Stilt Walkers

 Stilt Walkers are great for improving your mood and getting you high on life. Geddit? We’re sure you did. Moving on... they come in a variety of styles, which pretty much means that if your festival has a particular theme then there is almost bound to be a Stilt Walker who specialises within that arena. Fantasy, insects, apocalyptic wasteland... You name it, it exists. They look great too.

The Black Eagles

 The Black Eagles are originally from Tanzania, where they learned their acrobatic skills on the streets of Dares-Salaam. The amazing feats that they can pull off include one man holding up five other members of the troupe and various other display formations. A vibrant and entertaining ‘world’ act, they have performed at many festivals including Womad, Glastonbury and the Commonwealth Games.

Urban Fabric

 Urban Fabric are just fascinating. Large, enigmatic performers who can perform as installations or doing choreographed shows, they perform their unique ‘sculptural dance’ to extracts from classical masterpieces, but can equally perform silently.  They have to be seen to be believed and often leave their audiences in awe.

Bodypainted Models

 A combination of art and modelling, bodypainted models are an impressive visual feast for the eyes. Naturally available to fit in with any theme – with literally any design! – they work extremely well at festivals. Superb in the sunshine but if rain is what you’re expecting then make sure to keep them undercover for the full design to be on show as long as possible!

Marawa the Amazing/The Majorettes

 Marawa really is amazing! Revered around the world for her ability with hoops, Marawa even has her own group of performers, affectionately titled the Majorettes (above). Able to spin more hoops than you could possibly imagine around their torsos (torsi?) and limbs, their hypnotic act will have you stopping in your tracks no matter where you were planning on going. Marawa also does a nifty line in promotional videos too as this Street Fighter homage proves.


 There’s nobody nicer on the circuit than the innovative and imaginative Ian, a performer who harks back to the vaudeville era of the 1920s. The perfect entertainer for a festival – he can literally do his thing anywhere! – his hat juggling routine is a throwback to the old days of the music hall, whilst you may also see rings, sports gear, a cup and saucer or apple in his performance! Ian has performed all over Europe to great acclaim and is a wonderful all-round entertainer. 




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By Henry Fosdike